Illinois State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In Illinois, Illinois State University is a popular choice for transfer students. Illinois State is regarded as a transfer-friendly institution because 30 percent of our students come from other colleges and universities.

In addition to the University Requirements listed below, many programs have additional prerequisites, recommended courses, and minimum GPA requirements.

It may not be possible to admit all qualified applicants due to space restrictions and the applicant pool’s competitiveness. Transfer students with the best academic records will receive priority admission. Earning an associates degree does not guarantee admission.

Transfer students with a minimum 2. If the program prerequisites weren’t met or there weren’t enough spots in the desired major, a student with a 4. GPA might be admitted to the university as an undeclared student. Students who have completed at least 75 semester hours cannot be admitted as undeclared.

You will also require the following if you are a transfer student with fewer than 24 semester hours at the time of application:

Please be aware that the admission GPA and the number of semester hours earned at the time of application will not be affected by remedial coursework.

Before enrolling at Illinois State, transfer students are encouraged to complete the course equivalents of the following courses:

The following courses are not required for the Associate of Science degree at an Illinois public community college: one in humanities/fine art and one in social and behavioral sciences. We advise completing these two courses at the community college before transferring if you want your Associate of Science degree to fulfill your general education requirements. But these two classes can also be finished while enrolled at Illinois State.

In addition to the university requirements, many programs also have course prerequisites, recommended courses, and minimum GPA requirements. Before applying, please review the program requirements for your desired major.


Colleges remove transfer student obstacles

Redbird Promise provides transfer students with a guarantee of admission to ISU; however, this does not imply that they will be enrolled automatically in a desired major. Because some academic programs have additional requirements, there has been more effort made to make programs accessible at the college level.

For instance, as part of a long-term plan to prepare teachers for Chicago schools, the College of Education (COE) worked with Chicago Public Schools and the City Colleges of Chicago on the Teach Chicago Tomorrow teacher pipeline initiative. Following the completion of an associate’s degree at a Chicago community college, students transfer to Illinois State.

Additionally, COE has articulation agreements with community colleges in rural central Illinois, Peoria, Chicago, and other cities. The end result is a straightforward and streamlined path to earning a teaching degree at ISU.

One of ISU’s most competitive programs is Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN), which receives 1,600 freshmen applicants each year for 150 openings.

Around 800 students are enrolled on average, with 25% of the spots reserved for juniors transferring into the pre-licensure program.

The Pathways Program, which was made possible by alliances MCN established with 17 community colleges throughout the state, is one option for community college transfers. When a student is accepted to ISU and enrolled in the nursing sequence at a community college, they are granted dual admission to the college’s online RN to BSN program.

Transfer requires the associate’s in nursing to be completed with a C average and a passing score on the national licensing examination. MCN will hold a student’s application for two years. With full-time enrollment, the bachelor’s degree can be earned in 12 months, or 24 months with part-time study. The program is fully online.

Another choice is dual enrollment, which enables students who are finishing a two-year nursing program to begin their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree by concurrently enrolling in courses through MCN. For this online program, 13 community colleges have partnerships in place.

Dr. When Catherine Miller served as the college’s interim dean from 2014 to 2016, she was instrumental in developing the agreements. Prior to joining MCN in 2010 as associate dean for academics, she was also a member of the nursing faculty at Heartland Community College, where she served 11 years as associate dean of the nursing program.

After leaving MCN, she continues to serve as the college’s external partnership liaison, collaborating with Dean Judy Neubrander to seek out new community college partnerships and maintain those that already exist.

In order to attract their students to MCN, Miller said, “We establish a relationship with the directors of the community college nursing program and work with them on this.” We want students to pursue bachelor’s degrees in the future.” That is what is important for the nursing profession. ”.

Miller is happy with MCN’s efforts, and she points out that former President Larry Dietz joined her and Neubrander for the signing of agreements at community colleges to commemorate the partnership. The greatest gain comes from students, who are able to earn degrees that enable them to advance in their fields and provide better care.

Illinois State University Transfer Application Walkthrough


What GPA do you need to transfer to Illinois State?

Transfer students with a minimum 2. If the program prerequisites weren’t met or there weren’t enough spots in the desired major, a student with a 4. GPA might be admitted to the university as an undeclared student. Students who have completed at least 75 semester hours cannot be admitted as undeclared.

How many credits do you need to transfer to Illinois State University?

Credits (Min/Max): Up to 90 semester hours from a four-year program and 70 semester hours from a two-year program may be transferred. To receive your bachelor’s degree from Illinois State, you must complete at least 30 credits.

Is it harder to get into University as a transfer student?

Schools With Favorable Transfer Admission Rates
Rank School Transfer Accept %
1 Emory 33.7
2 Vanderbilt 17.6
3 UNC 46.9
4 Georgia Tech 40.7

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