Entrance Requirements: Honors Program in Medical Education: Feinberg School of Medicine: Northwestern University

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Opportunities for HPME students include exposure to public and global health, advanced degree coursework, research, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Students may also take part in Feinberg’s HPME Summer Research Program.

These opportunities can be further developed and incorporated into students’ medical education and future careers.

  • Once enrolled in medical school, students frequently carry on their research, take on leadership responsibilities, or consolidate prior learning to pursue dual degrees.

The program’s recommendation that students take a gap year before starting medical school in Chicago is another distinctive feature. The HPME director meets with students to go over plans for the gap year.

These could be things like research, additional education, opportunities abroad, or other personal interests. Although it is not required, HPME promotes the gap year as a valuable experience.

Let’s look at a few of the frequently asked questions about HPME before we talk about the application process.

Can I transfer into HPME after enrolling at Northwestern?

No, HPME is open only to graduating high school seniors. You must submit an application to Northwestern and HPME at the same time.

What if I want to apply to other medical schools?

Although the program strongly encourages HPME students to enroll at Feinberg School of Medicine, it is not mandatory.

You may submit an application to additional medical schools if you so choose.

Students who have already taken a gap year are the only exception.

  • You are not permitted to apply to any other medical schools during your gap year as Feinberg has already reserved a spot for you at this time.

However, it should be noted that if you decide to attend another medical school, you will need to take the MCAT and fulfill its requirements.

We advise only registering for HPME if you intend to matriculate at Feinberg. Otherwise, you are forfeiting many of the program’s benefits.

Can I tour the Feinberg School of Medicine?

Although HPME and the Feinberg School of Medicine do not currently offer tours or campus visits, prospective students are still encouraged to visit Northwestern and any other undergraduate institutions that catch their interest.

Prospective HPME students can get in touch with the HPME office to be paired with a current participant in the program to learn more after scheduling a tour.

The office will set up a connection between a prospective student and a current student via email if a current student is unavailable for the tour.

How to Apply to Northwestern HMPE

Students who wish to apply to HPME must also submit a separate HPME application in addition to their Common Application to Northwestern.

The HPME application is only available upon request, which must be made by December 1st.

  • Even if you request the application, it doesn’t mean you’ll get it. According to the program’s website, only students who exhibit exceptional high school achievement and academic aptitude are given admission. ”.

Students must include their secondary school report, counselor recommendation, and English teacher recommendation with their HPME application in addition to their test results.

We’ll look at the HPME admissions procedure in more detail below.

The following entrance requirements should be familiarized by students before submitting an application request.

  • 4 units Mathematics, including differential and integral calculus
  • 1 unit Chemistry (AP Chemistry strongly preferred)*
  • 1 unit Physics
  • 1 unit Biology
  • 4 units English
  • 2 units of a foreign language (preferable 3 or 4 units of the same language).

It’s crucial to perform well in chemistry, mathematics, and English.

*Admitted students must take the Northwestern Chemistry placement exam the summer before matriculating to Northwestern if they have not taken AP Chemistry.

The SAT Reasoning Exam and the SAT Subject Exams in Math Level 2 and Chemistry are prerequisites for applicants.

The Math Level 2 and Chemistry Subject Exams cannot be substituted, but the ACT can be used in place of the SAT. While the SAT may be superscored, the ACT may not.

  • The SAT’s typical test scores for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing are 762 and 792, respectively. The typical SAT Chemistry and Level 2 Math score for accepted students is 777 and 790, respectively.

HPME specifies that they do not have minimum score requirements. But as you can see, candidates ought to have done well on these tests.

HPME does not have a minimum GPA requirement. However, accepted students are frequently near the top of their class or at the very top.

Key Deadlines/Dates

  • HPME application request: October-December 1
  • HPME application due: January 1
  • Common Application for undergraduate admission to Northwestern: January 1
  • Tests are required, with ACT/SAT testing taking place no later than November and subject tests no later than December.
  • Select applicants invited to interview in Chicago: February-March
  • Applicants notified of application status: April 1 (via email)

Other Important Information

  • There is no early admission for HPME applicants. Students must apply regular decision.
  • Include all relevant academic information when requesting the application. Requests with too little information may be denied. Exam results, coursework (AP, IB, and honors), and GPA are all pertinent data.
  • Extracurricular activities, honors, and awards should not be listed because they are not taken into account during the application request stage.
  • In the event that your HPME application request is approved, you will be sent a special online application link. You must submit application materials via this link. Materials received via fax or mail will not be considered. In addition, HPME information must be submitted separately from that submitted on the Northwestern application.

Financial Aid

The HPME student’s undergraduate campus handles both tuition and financial aid.

Although there are no HPME-specific scholarships, both Northwestern and the Feinberg School of Medicine offer financial aid.

  • Students must fill out the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for financial aid. All financial aid is need-based.

The federal work-study program, a grant, and a student loan make up the majority of financial aid packages. 60% of undergraduates at Northwestern receive financial aid of some kind, and 50% receive Northwestern grants.

Final Thoughts: Northwestern HPME

Northwestern HPME is an excellent option for motivated, high-achieving students planning for a career in the medical field.

It offers students numerous unique opportunities as well as a flexible, less demanding path through undergraduate and medical school.

Aim for high test scores and a GPA that places you at the top of the class if you are a high school student interested in the program.

  • Keep in mind that HPME places a premium on performance in the subjects of Chemistry, Math, and English.

You must pass the Math Level 2 and Chemistry SAT Subject exams in addition to the SAT or ACT. Make sure your schedule allows you to fulfill the aforementioned course requirements.

When it becomes available in October, submit an application request to HPME. Apply to Northwestern using the Common Application and the HPME application by December 1st.

By following these instructions, you’ll improve your chances of getting into this selective and special program.

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Is Northwestern HPME discontinued?

“We decided to close HPME and focus on other partnerships with the Evanston campus aimed at undergraduates after a general review of all our pipeline programs and their effectiveness regarding diversity,” Didwania said.

How do I get into HPME?

You need to have 16 units of high school credit to be taken into consideration for the HPME. A unit represents one year of work in a subject. The following subjects must be included in those 16 units: Mathematics: 4 units (Students must complete a year of calculus before beginning the HPME, including differential and integral calculus.

Is it hard to get into Northwestern medical school?

The Feinberg School of Medicine received 8,073 applications during the most recent admissions cycle. Northwestern Medical School Acceptance Rate Out of all applicants, 823 received interview invitations, and 150 students signed up. As such, the Northwestern medical school acceptance rate is approximately 2%

Does Northwestern have a good pre med program?

Northwestern University has a top-20 medical school and numerous research and clinical opportunities.

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