10 MBA Programs With Highest Acceptance Rates

Choosing a business school isn’t an easy job. GMAT and GRE scores, essays, references, interviews, and, of course, whether the business school is a good fit for you and your career development are just a few of the many application process factors to take into account.

Acceptance rates, which show how many applicants are accepted into a school’s MBA program, are a great indicator of how difficult it is to get into your desired MBA program.

It’s harder to get accepted into some schools’ MBA programs than others. We’ve put together a list of the top 20 US business schools’ acceptance rates to help you narrow down your choices.

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The acceptance rates for MBA programs in the USA are competitive, slightly more so than those in Canada. Some of the most well-known and prestigious MBA programs in the world are offered in the US, but admission to these programs can be extremely competitive. You’ll need to submit a strong GMAT score, a strong GPA, an impressive MBA resume, and some standout essays to have the best chance of being accepted into a top MBA program. More importantly, in the MBA admission essays and admission interview, you want to show how you stand out from a group of competitors who are equally impressive. This blog will discuss how to increase your chances of admission to the program of your choice as well as the acceptance rates for MBA programs in the US.

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MBA acceptance rates

The US has a very competitive MBA admissions market, particularly at prestigious institutions like Stanford Business School and Wharton School of Business, both of which have infamously low acceptance rates. The majority of schools in the US receive thousands of applications each year from both domestic and foreign students due to the high demand for MBA programs. Even though average acceptance rates have increased recently, getting an MBA from a top US school is still considered to be quite competitive due to the continued demand for MBA graduates in the US.

There are approximately 560 MBA programs in the US alone, and each school has a different acceptance rate, average accepted GPA, and GMAT score requirements. At the top 10 schools like Harvard Business School and Kellogg Business School, the average acceptance rates sits at around 18%

Your application must be strong and diverse in order to be considered for admission to the top MBA programs in the US. Even though you can enroll in an MBA program with a low GPA, you should give every aspect of your MBA application your best effort.

The criteria for admission vary considerably between programs, but the majority of US MBA programs will demand high GMAT or GRE scores. Even though these tests are optional, submitting them can help your application get noticed more. MBA students reported an average GMAT score of 609, which is quite high but not impossible. The typical accepted GPA at US MBA programs is also quite high, at 3. 5 and above out of a 4. 0 scale.

To be accepted into an MBA program, applicants must also submit stellar MBA admission essays, typically two MBA letters of recommendation, and an MBA resume that highlights their prior work experience. Even though it’s not always necessary, many schools prefer applicants with professional experience because it helps them stand out to admissions committees.

The top 100 MBA programs in the US have the following acceptance rates, average GPAs, and GMAT scores.

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How to improve your chances of getting into an MBA program

Start early when preparing an application for business school is the most crucial advice to keep in mind. Top MBA programs frequently require a thorough application package in addition to your school transcripts, GMAT scores, and letters of recommendation, as well as personal essays, MBA video essays, and MBA letters of intent. Putting everything together and reviewing it before you apply will take some time. You could consult an MBA essay consultant or MBA admission consulting service for feedback on your application first, which could also require some of your preparation time.

MBA applicants frequently believe that they must create the “perfect” business school application with the appropriate resume, personal essays, and work experiences in specific fields in addition to applying early. The reality is that most business schools don’t care much about your career goals; instead, they want to know that you are committed to achieving them and that their MBA program is a good fit for you. They are curious about your motivation for pursuing an MBA and how you anticipate that their program will advance your career. Having said that, it’s also essential to differentiate yourself and stand out. Some students can accomplish this by including an MBA diversity essay, but to be accepted to the best business schools, you’ll need to put in a little more effort. Here is a brief guide on how to strengthen and diversify your MBA application.

Read this useful infographic if you require resume writing advice for an MBA.


Although the US MBA is regarded as difficult to get into, it is by no means impossible. The high number of qualified applicants and the selective nature of the top schools are the main causes of the competition for MBA admissions in the US. It’s in your best interest to apply early and to diversify your application as much as you can if you intend to apply to some of the top schools. By creating a superior and unique application, you can convince the admissions committee that you are the best candidate.

FAQs What is the average MBA acceptance rate in the US?

The acceptance rate at US MBA programs varies greatly, but the average acceptance rate at the top schools hovers around 18% 2. Which MBA has highest acceptance rate?.

One of the MBA program in the US with the highest acceptance rate is Loyola University Sellinger School of Business and Management in Maryland, which has an acceptance rate of 99% 3. Which MBA has lowest acceptance rate?.

Stanford Business School has long held a notoriously low acceptance rate, most recently of around 6% 4. What GPA do I need for MBA?.

On average, MBA applicants have a GPA of 3. 5 or higher to get into the top schools. Although it is possible to enter a reputable MBA program with a low GPA, having a high GPA makes you stand out among other qualified applicants. 5. What GMAT score do I need for MBA?.

MBA applicants’ average GMAT scores are over 600, which is high but manageable with excellent GMAT preparation. All MBA programs do not require the GMAT, but a strong score can help increase your chances of admission. 6. Is it hard to get into MBA school?.

While it can be difficult, it is not impossible to get into an MBA program in the US. The top schools can be very selective and MBA programs are very popular, but there are many different programs to choose from with a wide range of acceptance rates and admission requirements. 7. Is GMAT required for MBA in the US?.

Not all schools require the GMAT as a requirement for admission, but some may advise submitting GMAT test results to strengthen a less strong application. 8. Can you get into MBA with a low GPA?.

It is possible to enroll in an MBA program despite having a low GPA. There are a few ways to compensate for a low GPA, such as bringing it up in the MBA interview or in the cover letter.

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Highest Mba Acceptance Rate

Affordable MBA Schools in USA for International Students with High Acceptance Rate


Which MBA has highest acceptance rate?

Business school (name) (state) Full-time applications (fall 2020) Full-time acceptance rate (fall 2020) University of Kansas5796 5%Clemson University (SC)10396. 1%West Virginia University9996%John Carroll University (Boler) (OH)9795. 9%.

What is the easiest MBA program to get into?

This is a great way to locate MBA programs that are simple to enter. 10 MBA Programs With the Highest Acceptance Rates. SchoolAcceptance RateOklahoma State University83%Coastal Carolina University84. 1%Appalachian State University84. 4%Missouri University of Science and Technology84. 8%.

Can you get into MBA with 2.0 GPA?

You want to emphasize other areas of your MBA application when one is weaker. Remember that there is no set GPA or test score requirement. Every year we work with clients who have had sub-3. They are still admitted to their desired MBA programs despite having GPAs of 0.

What GPA is too low for MBA?

There is no one correct response to this query, but typically, a score below 3 4 GPA may be considered a low GPA. You might want to have a safe base at 3 if you want to focus on the top MBA programs. 4 and above. The average GPA required to enroll in an MBA program at the top 50 universities ranges from three to four. 4 and 3. 7.

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