Three Things You Have To Do To Get Into HEC Paris

With a 17. 5% acceptance rate, HEC Paris can rightly claim to admit fewer candidates from its applicants pool than Wharton, Chicago Booth, Northwestern Kellogg or Dartmouth Tuck In the past year, some 2,231 candidates, a 5% increase over year-earlier volume, applied to HECs MBA program


What is the typical acceptance rate to the HEC Paris MBA program? What is a typical ratio of domestic to international students accepted into the program?

The acceptance rate to the HEC Paris MBA program stands at 18% Typically, 90% of our 200-strong student body are international, hailing from over 50 countries, and 10% are from France

What is a common mistake you see applicants make?

Applicants frequently make the mistake of applying blindly to numerous top MBA programs without giving their own suitability enough thought. We are looking for candidates for whom HEC Paris is the perfect fit and who have consciously chosen the institution.

What is something you would like to see applicants do more often?

We encourage more applicants to visit the HEC Paris campus before submitting their applications to the program in order to make sure that their decision to pursue their MBA studies there was thoroughly researched and informed. Potential students have many opportunities to visit the campus because we regularly host open days in addition to at least two campus visits per month. Additionally, candidates should make an effort to contact alumni and current students who have already taken the risk of quitting their jobs to pursue challenging careers.

How should candidates approach the GMAT?

It’s crucial to become familiar with the GMAT test format when preparing for it. Whether it’s essays, practical exams, or multiple-choice tests, different cultures and educational systems favor particular assessment formats. Therefore, despite their theoretical knowledge, we advise applicants to become familiar with the GMAT’s format because it may not be what they are used to. At HEC Paris, we are aware that certain educational backgrounds and professional backgrounds make it harder for some people to perform well on the GMAT than it is for others. As a result, we do take this into account when reviewing applications. The average GMAT score of our admitted students is 685, whereas our minimum requirement is 600.

We evaluate application essays for the following five “C’s”:

1. Candidates should give compelling and concrete examples of their accomplishments in their application materials.

2. Correctness: Candidates should show that they are taking the HEC Paris admissions process seriously by checking and double-checking all answers for errors.

3. Clarity: Avoid any ambiguity in written responses.

4. Conciseness: Candidates should strive to avoid droning on while also making sure that their responses are adequate. Ideas should be expressed in the most efficient way possible.

5. Coherence: While we recognize that it’s crucial for candidates to market themselves in their applications, staying true to oneself and one’s accomplishments is more crucial. They should be truthful and shouldn’t exaggerate their achievements (we check again). We are aware that the ideal candidate does not exist, and if they did, they most likely would not require an MBA.

Interview: We want to emphasize that candidates should strive for consistency by making sure that what they say during the interview aligns with what they have written in their applications. In order to feel at ease during the actual interview, it is crucial that they conduct at least two mock interviews and practice their interviewing techniques with friends and/or colleagues.

Recommendation letter: For the HEC Paris MBA, we place more value on the recommendation’s content than its author. It’s all very well persuading a senior executive to write the recommendation, but it will be obvious if they haven’t interacted much with the candidate. We would find it much more helpful if the candidate had a recommendation from a regular coworker or client, for example We are not interested in receiving recommendations from professors or teachers, unless the applicant is employed in the field of education, of course. Because we are evaluating candidates’ operational skills, they should maintain a professional tone.

CV/résumé: The CV reveals a lot about how candidates present themselves. Because of this, we are unable to make any specific recommendations because we are more interested in how candidates honestly highlight their accomplishments. The only recommendation we have is to proofread, check, and have a reliable friend or colleague double-check your work.

  • In an earlier interview with Philippe Oster, you can discover more information about HEC Paris and what it’s like to apply for its MBA program.

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How good is HEC MBA?

The business schools rank among the best business schools in the world. The cost of an MBA is lower than that of a MIM, according to the HEC Paris MBA fees. HEC Paris is ranked among the top business schools and the best for management studies by all credible ranking agencies.

How prestigious is HEC?

HEC Paris is one of the few business schools with “Triple Crown Accreditation,” having received accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. More than 95 different nationalities of students attend HEC Paris, and the school has more than 51,000 alumni worldwide.

What is the acceptance rate for HEC Paris?

The minimum test score is not specified, but the top quartile of the distribution of test results is typically reached by successful candidates. The average GMAT score of accepted candidates is typically 700. What is the purpose of the language tests? The HEC PhD Program is taught 100% in English

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