Harvard Ms Cs Acceptance Rate

approximately 7%

Overview of Harvard University

Let’s first learn a little bit more about Harvard before we can understand what it takes to get into Harvard. One of the first colleges to be established in the United States is Harvard University, which is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world and a member of the elite Ivy league. The university is made up of 12 graduate and professional schools, the Harvard Radcliffe Institute, and the undergraduate Harvard College. More than 31,000 students are enrolled in Harvard in different programs, over 11% of which are international students

  • Established: 1636
  • QS World University Ranking 2022: 5
  • Student: Faculty Ratio: 5:1
  • Law, psychology, engineering, architecture, mathematics, biological sciences, and business management are popular academic fields.

What is the Acceptance Rate of Harvard University?

The Harvard university acceptance rate is somewhere between 4-5% which means that of the 100 students that apply to Harvard only 4 or 5 are accepted Harvard would then rank among the most difficult Ivy League schools to get into.

According to Harvard, for the class of 2025 (i. e. 2,320 out of 57,786 applicants were accepted by the college, making the admit rate just 4% (see “Acceptance Rate for 2021”).

Let’s examine Harvard’s acceptance rates over the previous five years:


Acceptance Rate








4.9 %



Harvard University Requirements

The following questions are: How difficult is it to get into Harvard University? What are the requirements for Indian students applying to Harvard University? What is the minimum GPA and minimum score requirement to attend Harvard?

The following sections will attempt to summarize the score requirements and admission standards for international students to Harvard University:

  • GPA requirements
  • Standardised Test Score requirements- SAT/ ACT or GRE/GMAT
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores – IELTS/ TOEFL

Let’s continue to learn more about the specific requirements for Harvard University:

GPA Requirements

One of the key elements that keeps you in the running for Harvard is having a strong academic record overall. Keep in mind that Harvard has a very high level of competition, so being among the best students in your class will improve your chances.

Many schools at Harvard specify a minimum GPA. While not particularly high, it is the minimum requirement without which your application will not be accepted.

The average GPA of Harvard University applicants is around 4. 18.

However, having a low GPA does not guarantee that you will not be admitted to Harvard. Make sure the other components of your application are outstanding if your GPA is low. Additionally, a high SAT or ACT score can help you stand out and make up for a low GPA. The goal is to be able to successfully compete with applicants who have higher GPAs.

Standardised Test Score Requirements

Having high scores on your standardised tests is also crucial, in addition to having a good GPA.

SAT Requirements

Most schools at Harvard have their own minimum SAT requirements. Having a high SAT score gives you an advantage because it allows you to not be dependent on the average score of the other applicants.

The 25-75th percentile (the middle 50% students admitted) of Harvard admitted students had SAT scores of 1460-1580

Superscoring, which is the sending of SAT results from multiple tests, may be permitted by some Harvard schools. You can do this by taking the SAT more than once and only submitting the results that give you the highest Superscore. Therefore, regardless of the test date, the application readers will combine the highest score from one section with the highest score from another section.

ACT Requirements

Harvard sets minimum ACT requirements in addition to SAT requirements.

Students admitted to Harvard were in the 25th to 75th percentile with an ACT Composite score of 33 to 35.

Students are free to select which ACT scores they want to submit to the Harvard schools. As a result, if you took more than one test, you can only send the highest one.

Harvard additionally demands that you take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section. Consequently, excelling in these sections is also extremely important.

GRE Score Requirements

The admission to graduate programs at Harvard is extremely competitive, just like undergrad admissions. Therefore, if you’re looking for GRE scores to get into Harvard, you should be aware that the majority of graduate programs do not have a GRE cut-off.

However, a look at the typical scores of students accepted to Harvard can provide a clue as to what’s needed.

For the majority of students admitted to Harvard, the typical GRE scores fall between:

  • Verbal: 155 – 166
  • Quant: 155 – 170 for Quant
  • Analytical Writing: 4.5-5.0

Many programs may require scores of over 160 i. e. , 90th percentile or above.

It is crucial to keep in mind that each program’s score requirements are very different. While verbal expectations are higher for reading and writing-related programs like English Literature, quantifiable expectations are higher for programs related to math and science, such as computer science.

GMAT Score Requirements

Like other streams, getting into the Harvard Business School is very competitive. Admission to the university’s management programs requires a strong GMAT score.

For admitted students, Harvard reports GMAT scores as the class median, not the average. The GMAT median for Harvard Business school is 730.

IELTS/ TOEFL Score Requirements

Harvard should also receive the results of any English language proficiency tests taken by international students. Make sure to check with the specific program and school as the scores may differ from one program to the next.

The majority of Harvard’s schools accept TOEFL and IELTS scores of 80 and 7, respectively. 5, respectively.

Documents Required to Get Into Harvard University

How to get into Harvard University is more complicated than just getting good grades. All good universities including Harvard will consider your application holistically. You must, therefore, make sure that your application as a whole stands out in contrast to those of the other applicants.

My academic credentials were far from the best, so applying to the Medina of Public Health and the Mecca of education was undoubtedly a long shot. Evidently, they based their choice on the holistic profile, which is a point that has been stressed repeatedly but is generally difficult for people to understand. I assert using my experience as a light source that one should never be afraid to take a step.

-Abhijith Asok, Data Science Program, Harvard University

The major documents required for Harvard admission include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree (for PG programs)
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Birth certificate

Other documents for the Harvard application requirements that demand your attention are listed below:


One of the most crucial requirements for admission to Harvard University is a strong essay. Make sure your essay pitch is compelling and displays your distinctive experience, aspirations, and personality.

SOPs and LORs

All universities, including Harvard, understand that no one is perfect. Knowing your weaknesses is just as crucial as knowing your strengths. As a result, be sure to include a few of your weaknesses in your Statement of Purpose (SoP).

Additionally, letters of recommendation (LORs) are a crucial part of your application. Make sure to choose your recommenders wisely. Most universities demand at least one recommendation from the university. Therefore, if you are reading this and are a college student, be sure to do well in your studies and to keep a positive working relationship with at least one professor.

Resume & Portfolios

Some Harvard graduate programs, such as the Harvard Business School, demand resume submissions. Relevant work experience can make a huge difference in your application for some courses.

Candidates for some courses in art and design must submit portfolios of their work. You must make sure that your portfolio is diverse and effectively conveys the artist in you if you want to be admitted to Harvard.

Harvard University Application Process

Any of the following portals may be used to submit an application to Harvard:

  • Coalition Application
  • Common Application
  • Universal College Application

These websites can be used to submit applications for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The Harvard application fee is 75 USD.

Start your application process for Harvard as early as possible. This will give plenty of time to perfect it.

Once you’ve chosen the portal, be sure to submit the following documents for international applicants to Harvard University:

  • Standardised Test Scores
  • English Language proficiency proof
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Essays
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation – at least 3
  • Resume – wherever required

It is necessary to submit the Harvard application before submitting any supporting documents. Make sure to submit all Harvard supplements and application-related questions. This will make it easier for the admissions panel to evaluate your application.

What Does Harvard Look for in an Application?

Harvard states “We give careful, individual attention to each applicant. Our admissions process enables us to carefully and thoughtfully consider each applicant as a whole person. We aim to identify students who will be the best educators of one another and their professors. ”.

As a result, if you’re wondering how to get into Harvard University, you should also concentrate on developing a diverse, all-encompassing profile with a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and volunteer work. These should highlight four aspects:

  • Growth and Potential: The admissions committee wants to know if you’ve been working hard to fulfill your potential.
  • Interests and Activities: They’re curious about your enthusiasm, knowledge, leadership potential, and dedication.
  • Personality: The university is curious about the decisions you’ve made, your receptivity to new ideas,
  • Harvard is looking for students who can manage various aspects of college life, give back to the Harvard community, and perform under pressure.

What If You Get Rejected from Harvard?

With an acceptance rate of merely 4-5%, getting into Harvard is definitely not a cake walk If you get turned down at Harvard, we would always suggest that you apply to other US universities with a high acceptance rate. Furthermore, you can even apply to Harvard while taking a gap year!

Tips to Prepare for Harvard

Right now, if you’re considering how to get into Harvard, you need to start preparing. Here are a few tips that will come in handy:

  • Do your homework: Thoroughly research the college and the programs you want to apply to. You must begin working on your profile, statement of purpose, contacting recommenders, etc., in light of that.
  • Start Preparation Early: Make sure you start your preparation early. Concentrate on getting incredibly high grades at school and begin studying for the standardized exams. Practice taking tests at home.
  • Create Your Overall Profile: Harvard is seeking candidates who go beyond the classroom Develop your overall profile by adding work experience, volunteerism, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Join the Harvard University Yocket group or other social media groups with other applicants for discussions and to learn more about the university.
  • Don’t Underestimate Yourself: Don’t underestimate yourself or your profile. Harvard admissions work very differently. Something you thought was irrelevant at the time could turn out to be the thing that helps you. Give it your all because you only get one chance in life, and the rest will work itself out.

Many students dream of being accepted into Harvard, and if you concentrate and begin your preparation as soon as possible, you can realize this dream. Though it can be challenging, getting into Harvard is not impossible, so keep that in mind. Our Yocket Counselors are available to you at all times if you have any additional questions about how to enroll in Harvard University.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Into Harvard University

Ques. What is the acceptance rate of Harvard University?

Ans. The acceptance rate at Harvard ranges from 4-5%.

Ques. Is Harvard University a part of the Ivy League?

Ans. Yes, Harvard is a part of the Ivy League.

Ques. What is the minimum GPA requirement for Harvard?

Ans. One should have a minimum GPA of 4. 0 to get into Harvard!.

Ques. What are some tips to get into Harvard?

Ans. Some tips to get into Harvard are:

  • Build your overall profile
  • Research properly
  • Start preparation early

Ques. What paperwork is needed to be admitted to Harvard University?

Ans. The following are some of the important documents needed for admission to Harvard:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Bachelors degree (for PG programs)
  • CV, Resume
  • LORs, SOPs
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Birth certificates
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Standardised test scores

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