Harvard Executive Education Acceptance Rate

Successful candidates are invited and encouraged to apply to Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education from a variety of backgrounds, occupations, and geographical areas. We appreciate the variety of ideas, viewpoints, and knowledge that a diverse global cohort has cultivated.

At HKS, we appreciate and understand that different viewpoints lead to a wealth of ideas.

Because each program’s curriculum is so unique, we urge you to visit the Who Should Apply page for each program to determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

The Executive Education Program, the arm that offers the quickie midcareer courses, is less selective (70% acceptance rate).

Executive Education has returned to on campus programming. For the latest on COVID-19 policies, including FAQs about participating in an on-campus program, please visit our the HKS resource page. CHOOSE YOUR LEARNING PATH: MORE THAN 35 ON-CAMPUS, ONLINE, AND BLENDED EXECUTIVE PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES

Enroll in a brief executive program at Harvard along with a group of your peers.

Examine intensive and extensive online courses that feature faculty live sessions.

Create an organization-specific program to address your training needs.

Sharpen Your Leadership Capabilities and Make a Difference.

Programs for executive education at the Harvard Kennedy School are intended to assist leaders from all industries in acquiring the abilities and tactics required to deal with current issues immediately. You will join a vibrant community of leaders working to change the world, whether you participate in an intensive, in-person program on Harvard’s historic campus or a highly interactive, live online program from home. The world wont wait.

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A quick program at Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education can give you a special chance to change the world if you’re a leader who wants to improve your skill set, come up with fresh solutions to pressing issues, and make a difference.

Discover the broadest range and highest caliber of executive education programs in public leadership offered anywhere. Minus Take the Next Step in Your Career Development

Learn more about the range of available programs and executive education at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Boost your global network and join a thriving group of leaders who want to change the world.

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In the most recent free webinar, Harvard Professor Sandra Susan Smith discussed how incapacitation and the harsh conditions of confinement worsen life trajectories and provided an alternative vision that rejects pretrial punishment in favor of healing, responsibility, and real justice. Watch recorded webinars and subscribe to emails to get invites to live sessions in the future.

165 countries and territories represented

The HKS executive programs provide a unique opportunity to consider your leadership style and gain knowledge from other leaders from around the globe. You can take in fresh information, pick up knowledge from experts around the world, and reflect. In a world that is frequently reactive, this is extremely helpful. ”.

Continue reading Anne Collins’ reflections on her executive education experience at HKS. Anne Collins is an alumna of Leadership Decision Making and an associate administrator for enforcement at the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Executive Certificates Expand your knowledge by enrolling in multiple programs within a concentration for an executive certificate.

programs that emphasized the unique issues faced by those in charge of nonprofit organizations

gives decision-makers a moral framework for public policy action.

For those wishing to advance public sector leadership excellence

For those in positions of power whose priorities are the nation’s economic, political, and social well-being

Harvard Business School Executive Education. Go.


Are executive education programs worth it?

Programs for executive education can be a great way to hone or develop your managerial abilities. There are many benefits, including the shorter course duration compared to MBA programs, the opportunity to concentrate on a specialized skill set or subject, and the ability to work through the material at your own pace.

What is Harvard Executive Education?

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education Program brings together seasoned professionals, a top-notch faculty, and a dynamic curriculum to tackle some of the most difficult problems in governance and leadership today.

How do I get into Harvard Executive MBA?

Application requirements Typically, you must have at least 10 years of professional experience and be recommended by a senior executive within your organization, a member of your company’s board of directors, or a Harvard Business School alumnus who is familiar with your position and responsibilities and can give a thorough firsthand account.

Is executive MBA from Harvard worth it?

Absolutely. I tell people that all the time. That’s not to say that everyone benefits from an MBA. However, I believe that the HBS MBA has given me the best chance to actually launch my own business, and I am confident that the alumni network will be invaluable when the time comes for me to take the next step.

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