Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Steps to Complete the Gilman Program Application

1. Upload your transcript(s) – either official or unofficial:

  • Current university transcript
  • Previous institution transcript(s)

2. Write and submit the required essays:

  • Think about your immediate and long-term goals and how studying or interning abroad will help you reach them.
  • What factors influenced your decision to choose your particular program and host nation?
  • What elements do you anticipate being the most difficult about studying or interning abroad?
  • How will you approach these challenges using your knowledge, abilities, and experience?
  • How will you help the cause of fostering understanding between members of your host and home communities while you are abroad?
  • What are your project goals? Who is your target population/audience and why did you choose them? How will you incorporate the impact of your experience abroad into your project? What, if any, campus departments, student organizations, or community organizations will you collaborate with in promoting study abroad and the Gilman Pro? Summarize your follow-on service project proposal (in paragraph format) by addressing all of the following, in no particular order:

Having trouble thinking of a project idea? Visit the Gilman website for examples.

3. Input your program details:

  • Dates
  • Location
  • Host institution/affiliate provider
  • Costs, etc.

4. Select your certifying advisors (doesn’t matter whom):

  • Study Abroad Advisor
  • Financial Aid Advisor

5. Submit your application by the deadline!

After you submit your application, the certifying advisors you chose will have an extra week (until the second Tuesday of October/March) to do so. They will verify the following information:

  • Your program details
  • Your financial aid status as a Pell Grant recipient
  • You financial aid package

After submitting your application, you are not required to contact your certifying advisors again. Before the deadline, they will make sure to finish their certification.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Dedicate time to your scholarship application. Don’t put off writing your essays until the last minute. It takes time to draft, edit, review, and finalize a well-polished Gilman application.
  • Work with your advisors. Your programs abroad coordinator can assist you in comprehending your study abroad experience so that you can effectively discuss it in your essays. They also provide valuable knowledge regarding the requirements for a successful Gilman application. Do not be afraid to ask your programs abroad coordinator any questions.
  • Hook the reader. Reviewers for the Gilman Scholarship go through a lot of essays from students who are studying abroad. Highlight why you are unique in your essays. Beginning your essay with an intriguing brief anecdote, quotation, or fact about you will grab the readers’ attention. The reader should be convinced in your essays that you deserve the scholarship. Make sure you fully address the essay questions and highlight the appropriate points in your writing. Be creative.
  • Revise your essays and have them proofread. Your essays should be written in drafts, and you should have someone else review them. Make sure your essays address all of the questions that were asked, and proofread for spelling and grammar.
  • Use your resources. Attend PAO info sessions or essay workshops. Bring your essays for essay review to the Writing Center or Undergraduate Research and Fellowships. Check out the tips on the Gilman website. You already have access to a wealth of resources that could boost the strength of your application.

Join the UT Gilman Advisors in a number of informational sessions and essay review sessions before submitting your application if you need assistance with your Gilman application.

Gilman Application Advising Opportunities:

The Programs Abroad Office partner and CIEE Representative Annastasia Williams will lead online Gilman advising sessions. These sessions are a wonderful chance to learn about your financial aid options and study abroad options.

Speak to one of our helpful Peer Advisors at any time Monday through Friday between the hours of 12 and 5 pm in the Vols Abroad Lounge for general information about the Gilman Scholarship. Opportunities for Gilman walk-in advising will receive more information at a later date.

Before submitting your application, this is your chance to speak with a representative one-on-one and get feedback on your essays. Make sure you plan accordingly because a Gilman Advisor’s review of your essays could take up to 3 days. Please complete the following form to submit your essays for review and/or to schedule a meeting with a Gilman Advisor.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Essay Review Submission

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Vol Email*
  • Phone NumberOur office will try to reach you at the number you provide if you don’t respond to emails.
  • Which term are you planning on studying abroad?*
  • Which of the following essays from this submission would you like to have reviewed? (check all that apply) Statement of Purpose Essay Community Impact Essay Critical Need Language Essay
  • Please upload your essay(s) here. Drop files here or Max. file size: 29 MB.
  • Would you like to schedule a meeting to discuss the essay feedback? (If not, feedback will be sent to you via email.)*

Please note that the advice provided on this page is offered as a resource and will not guarantee a Gilman scholarship. The acceptance rate for this award is about 1 in 4 students. See the official Gilman website for the most up-to-date information.

Questions about applying to the Gilman Scholarship Program? Email [email protected] or call 865-974-3177.

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How many Gilman scholarships are awarded?

Since the inception of the Benjamin A. More than 130,000 applications for the Gilman International Scholarship Program were received in 2001, and more than 36,000 scholarships were given to students taking part in study abroad and internship programs all over the world.

How many people get the Gilman Scholarship each year?

Benefits of the Award This academic year, nearly 3,000 scholarships up to $5,000 will be given to U S. citizen undergraduates to study or intern abroad.

Does the Gilman Scholarship require a letter of recommendation?

No, letters of recommendation or other forms of supporting documentation are not required or accepted by the Gilman Scholarship Program from applicants. The only criteria used to evaluate applicants is the data contained in their applications, which may include their academic transcript(s).

What can Gilman Scholarship be used for?

Only eligible study abroad program costs (program tuition, room and board), other costs associated with studying abroad (books, local transportation, insurance), and airfare on a U.S. flight may be covered by Gilman funds. S. -flag carrier.

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