Gies Achieves New Record For Applicants To Its Online MBA

The acceptance rate for iMBA candidates is 48%.

Who is the Illinois iMBA for?

The iMBA is intended for working professionals who want to advance into managerial and leadership positions without pausing their careers or uprooting their families.

The average age of the current cohort is 37 years old, and there are 10 9 years of work experience. Although the youngest student in the class is 22 and the oldest is 65, the program can be a great fit for learners of all ages and stages.

Both Ginger Torres, a medical director at Ipotum, and Subhodeep Ghosh, an engineer at Hitachi Group, are currently enrolled in the Illinois iMBA program. They discuss the advantages of pursuing a flexible MBA while working a full-time job, especially if you have a family.

I had already graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree and had such a wonderful time there. Because of its affordability and flexibility, I decided to pursue an iMBA. I could continue working full-time, continue my education, and earn my MBA,” says Ginger (pictured).

iMBA Illinois: Cost and Admissions

The University of Illinois’ 72-credit iMBA program is fully accredited by AACSB and costs approximately $23,000, making it one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the world.

“We put our top professors in the iMBA program. These knowledgeable professors, who are authorities in their fields, provide our students with live content in real time. At our price point, that level of accessibility and individualized service is unheard of, says Whitney Smith, the director of Illinois Gies’ iMBA program.

Additionally, the iMBA provides students with a small number of need-based scholarships. Funded in partnership with Coursera, these scholarships cover 70% of tuition for qualified students, and recipients are selected based on need, academic standing, and essay submissions

The minimum requirements for the Illinois iMBA:

1. Bachelors degree with a recommended GPA of 3. 0 and above .

2. Minimum of three years full-time, rich work experience

3. All required application materials:

a) Online application

b) Academic credentials

c) Professional resume

d) Personal statement

e) 2 x letters of references

f) English proficiency scores (international candidates only)

Students can apply through the Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT) if they don’t meet all the admissions requirements, such as the necessary work experience.

The same application review process as for degree-seeking students, including a potential interview, is applied to students who request to be considered for the PAT. If accepted into the PAT, they enroll in and complete three predetermined iMBA courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. 0 or better (B or better in at least two courses) will be admitted automatically to the iMBA program. The credits earned are transferred towards the degree.

We want to give students the chance to earn their way into the program if they feel that their professional work is lacking or that their undergraduate GPA isn’t the highest. Therefore, Whitney says, “We take a lot of things into consideration. The school is looking for applicants who tell a unique story throughout their application.

“We really look for what people are bringing to the program, not just what our program can do for someone,” she says.

How long does it take to do the Illinois iMBA?

Although the school allows up to five years for completion, most iMBA students finish their degrees in two to three years. This gives students the greatest flexibility in case they need to take a brief break due to obligations in their personal or professional lives.

Illinois iMBA Admission deadlines:

The following dates are the iMBA at the University of Illinois’s Fall 2022 admission deadlines:

Priority One Deadlines are on Thursday, May 5, 2022; Priority Two Deadlines are on Thursday, June 2, 2022; Final Deadlines are on Thursday, July 7, 2022; and Final Deadlines are on Thursday, September 8, 2022 (for August start).

Illinois iMBA: Curriculum

The iMBA program at the University of Illinois combines synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students complete the core components of each course on the Coursera platform, learning through pre-recorded videos, self-assessment quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments.

Students then take part in graded exams, group projects, and live lectures with top faculty on the University of Illinois Canvas platform. For maximum flexibility, live sessions are provided at various times throughout the day. Additionally, they are recorded so that students can watch them at a later time. Additionally, class Q

The iMBA course material is specifically created so that students can immediately put what they learn in class into practice. The curriculum teaches students how to become leaders who can adapt to the new forces of globalization, innovation, and digitization that are reshaping the world.

There are four main specializations in the curriculum: Strategic Leadership Students can choose to enroll in two additional focus area specializations in addition to these, or they can enroll in one specialization and 12 hours of elective credit.

Specializations in areas such as digital marketing and entrepreneurship Project Management, Infonomics, and Financial Statement Analysis are available electives for MBA students.

According to Whitney, the program’s flexibility and constant attention to students’ needs are its best features.

“How you finish this MBA program is not as important as how much you can learn,” It’s really unique,” notes Subhodeep (pictured).

Along with core classes, specialized modules, and electives, iMBA students frequently engage in group projects.

Students must complete three Capstone projects, including a program capstone, to earn their degree, which combines theory and practice through group projects usually centered on case studies.

Illinois iMBA: Networking & career outcomes

Online groupwork, instant messaging, and video conferencing are all made possible by the collaborative software program Meta’s Workplace, which is used by students in Gies’ online courses. Within this community, people can introduce themselves, arrange meetings with other students, post questions, and post ideas.

“At the beginning of the course, I had a few problems with my resume, so I posted it on Workplace and asked for someone to look it over.” Several people called me, scheduled meetings with me, and offered assistance by talking about how I could improve it, says Subhodeep.

The networking opportunities for the Illinois iMBA include a number of optional in-person events held across the nation, such as iConverge, an annual networking and professional development event held on campus. Students can interact in person with their cohort, attend live lectures, and meet faculty at iConverge. Gies’ alumni network spans more than 75,000 graduates globally as of 2021.

95% of iMBA graduates say they have applied what was learned during the degree to their work%E2%80%9461% received a promotion, job offer, or accepted a new position while studying the iMBA Students also see an average pay increase during the program of 22%

It was a risky move for Illinois Gies to commit “all-in” to its iMBA program, but it has paid off for the institution and the thousands of students who have enrolled. The program has seen strong growth over the years, aligned with continued student satisfaction, which sits at 96%

Because of its flexibility, the iMBA is especially well-suited to working professionals who want to pursue their MBAs while still working full-time. Additionally, students gain from the practical application of their learning in the workplace, and more than half of the class receive promotions, job offers, or accept new jobs while pursuing their degree.

If you’re looking for a reputable online MBA at a reasonable price, the cost may also be a deciding factor. The iMBA is offered at a fraction of the price of many other top MBAs, with a total cost of about $23K USD.

This program is also designed for students who want to develop their global leadership skills and comprehend the processes that are affecting business management both now and in the future. These key areas include business analytics and value chain management, as well as digital marketing and global business challenges. Keep me logged in.

Gies Imba Acceptance Rate

Gies Imba Acceptance Rate

Is the Gies iMBA worth it?


Is Gies iMBA good?

Surveys find that 98% of students in the iMBA program say they are satisfied with the overall program quality, and 94% would highly recommend the iMBA program to others The iMBA admissions process is stringent and heavily weighs professional experience.

Is Gies iMBA accredited?

Poets and Quants, US News, and AACSB all give the University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business high rankings.

What is the acceptance rate at Gies College of Business?

20 percent was the initial selectivity and acceptance rate for the program. 9% and is currently at 53%.

Is Gies College of Business a good school?

7 undergraduate public business school.

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