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The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, which is situated in Tech Square in the center of Atlanta, Georgia, provides full-time, evening, and executive MBA programs. The Georgia Tech MBA program is known for its flexible curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, top-notch career services, and inclusive, diverse, and collaborative culture. The school also brags about its membership in the Tech Square Innovation Ecosystem, a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship that is well-known throughout the world.

Executive MBA Overview

Before enrolling, students have a median base salary of $150,000 and 14 years of work experience. In 2021, Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller) accepted 72% of applicants to its executive MBA program.

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Georgia Tech Business School Acceptance Rate

Tuition & Fees In-State: $127,592*

Tuition & Fees Out-of-State: $212,040*

Average Debt: $25,162

International: 5%

Minority: 16%

First generation college students: 12%

When do students declare their majors: Freshman Year

Acceptance Rate: 23%

Acceptance Rate Transfers: 36%

Average SAT: 1,330

Average ACT: 31

Average GPA: 3.96

HS Class Top Ten: 83%**

*The total cost of the degree over four years, including tuition, room and board, and living expenses for the most recent graduating class

The percentage of students who graduated from high school in the top ten percent of their class is known as **HS Class Top Ten.

*** Please take note that whenever possible, these stats are only provided for the business school major. The university-wide statistics are presented if a school does not track these statistics separately.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller College of Business continued to rise in our rankings of the Best Undergraduate Business Schools, moving up to No. 10 this year, reaching the top 10 for the second time in the B-school’s ranking’s six-year history. Georgia Tech placed 18th in 2019, and 14th last year.

Scheller had an acceptance rate of 20. 10% this year, aligning closely but slightly more selective than the Class of 2020%E2%80%99s 23 29% and the previous year%E2%80%99s 24%, and an average SAT score of 1365

Strong employment outcomes in terms of internship and career numbers were observed for the Scheller Class of 2021. Some 92% of the Class of 2021 had a business-focused internship before graduation, strong yet down slightly from 95% for the Class of 2020, and 91 95% of the Class of 2021 secured a full-time position within three months of graduation, up from last year%E2%80%99s 91 01%. A substantial 92. 31% of 2019 Scheller alumni surveyed reported that their first job was in their desired industry with 85% saying that job was at their desired company

The most notable quality of Scheller’s approach to business education is its diversity. The B-school, which is a part of Georgia Tech, naturally incorporates elements of STEM into its curriculum and features important capstone courses that demonstrate Scheller’s multifaceted approach to business education.


Students can complete all degree requirements, one semester abroad, and two internship semesters in four years using the Scheller curriculum. Additionally, first-year students are admitted straight to the Scheller College of Business, allowing them to begin their business education right away.

Georgia Tech’s core courses in English, mathematics, humanities, social science, computer science, health, and laboratory science are where students start their academic careers. These courses provide a solid foundation for their business education.

Craig Womack, the director of undergraduate programs at Scheller, told us that “our undergraduate students benefit from an innovation and technology focus in the classroom that translates to robust and stellar careers.” “We are experts at integrating technology into every facet of the business classroom.” ”.

Accounting, Finance, General Management, IT Management, Leadership and Organizational Change, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Strategy and Innovation are among the eight concentrations available to Scheller students.


The Denning Technology is one of Scheller’s main products. Students can complete the program and receive a minor with 22 credits in one of the following areas: Computer Science

T The program is completed with an integrated capstone project course in which students collaborate in groups to address a particular issue brought up by one of the program’s Corporate Affiliates.

One 2018 alumnus shared with us, “This project allowed me to connect to my first employer, who in turn connected me to my current job.” “I conducted research and created an original solution to a real problem at the company I chose for my capstone project in a cross-functional team.” ”.

Georgia Tech’s location in the center of midtown Atlanta’s Technology Square, an area with a high density of startups, corporate innovators, and academic researchers, is another important advantage of the Scheller education.

“Scheller College makes the most of its proximity to Tech Square by fostering opportunities and establishing relationships within this top innovation hub,” said Womack. “We give our students the chance to investigate the business and technological aspects available in their environment.” ”.

Students at Scheller have the chance to work with some prestigious companies thanks to this prime location.

One 2018 alumnus shared with us, “I worked directly with the Home Depot to help evaluate a new loyalty program and got to travel to different cities to interview store associates.” “My team presented to executives at THD headquarters at the conclusion of the project.” ”.


Furthermore to the T

One 2018 alumnus mentioned that their experience at Scheller was made better by taking the Sustainable Business Practicum course. Students throughout the course concentrate on real-world sustainability projects (those with an environmental or social component that affects business risk or opportunity), with student teams coming up with useful suggestions and solutions for participating business sponsors.

The 2018 alumnus shared with us, “I also took part in the Carbon Reduction Challenge and won with team SunTrust in 2017 while interning there, and then I coached a 2nd-place team from SunTrust in 2019 as an alumnus.” I had the chance to discuss the 2017 victory’s lessons in two TEDx talks at Georgia Tech and in numerous blog posts. ”.

Another 2018 alumnus remembered collaborating with a student team of consultants to resolve a faculty member’s internal problem at Georgia Tech.

The alumni told us, “We concentrated on developing a new timesheet, resource, and equipment planning site on service now.” We had to collect requirements, configure our system to meet them, and then show it to our clients. This was a unique experience because it was very similar to what I do now for a living. ”.

Alumni say:

“We developed a marketing plan with a Nissan executive for a number of car lines. The project took months, and during that time we worked closely with our business partner to resolve issues, complete a project with a broad scope, and do so successfully and on schedule. All parties involved were well-prepared to work effectively in any corporate environment thanks to it. This was one of many priceless encounters I had the good fortune to have at Scheller. ”.

I took part in a number of memorable experiences, such as a capstone in which I collaborated with students from various majors to complete a project for a tech start-up. Through this, I gained a lot of knowledge about startups, teamwork, and presentation techniques. I also formed business ties that are still solid and beneficial to my career today. ”.

It was amazing to see us working in the real world while still in school as we provided consulting services for a real-life company and assisted them in launching their social media campaign. Invaluable experience. ”.

“My career and academic aspirations were strengthened by the variety of experience I gained.” In every upper-level class I took, I participated in project work in collaboration with Atlanta companies, and I benefited from that work in more ways than I can count. ”.

“With my school, I traveled to China where I took two certificate courses. I gained a lot of knowledge about their culture, adjusting to life in a foreign country, and dealing with various political situations. ”.

Where The Class of 2020 Went To Work:

The Home Depot – 4

JP MorganChase&Co. – 3

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Is Georgia Tech Business School hard to get into?

With an acceptance rate of about 23%, Georgia Tech is quite selective A demanding high school schedule, competitive GPA and test results, and a strong track record of extracurricular involvement and community service are essential.

Is Georgia Tech a good business school?

U. S. News S. and for the third year in a row, the top 10 business schools among public universities.

Is Georgia Tech good for business major?

2023 Rankings for Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller) Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller) is ranked No. 28 in Best Business Schools and No. 16 in Part-time MBA.

What is the most competitive major at Georgia Tech?

Though it is possible, switching your major can be challenging, especially for some of the more competitive majors at Georgia Tech, such as computer science, industrial and systems engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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