Georgetown University Summer Programs for High School Students

I’ve been accepted to Georgetown University’s Hoya Summer Program. I am very eager to attend that. In addition, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my dream project of starting my own clothing line for the past two years.

My dad’s business has been shut down because of Covid, so I have to decide between summer school or starting my own business because I can’t ask my parents for money during these difficult times. I’m looking for advice on which one to select and which one academic institutions value more highly.

2023 Program Dates:

  • Learn from world-renowned Georgetown University faculty
  • Live on campus in residence halls
  • Attend a workshop for SAT and ACT test preparation and take a practice exam.
  • Engage in conversation with mentors from comparable backgrounds who can share first-hand knowledge of a college campus.
  • Start the “Common Application” and make a plan for sending in your college applications, financial aid applications, and scholarship applications.
  • Learn how to assess whether a college is the right fit by exploring the college search process.
  • Write a Personal Statement to use for your college admissions

Program Format & Sample Schedule

During SCIP, youll attend daily academic programming during the weekdays. Youll explore the following subject areas during the program:

  • Critical College Writing
  • Seminars offered by Georgetown University that examine the connections between various disciplines, including the liberal arts, business, cybersecurity, government, and health studies
  • College prep workshops
  • College Search Intensive: Right Fit, Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Math and reading test-taking techniques for the SAT/ACT
  • Capstone Project

Please note the following sample schedule. All activities listed are subject to change.

  • Week 1: Attend an intensive SAT/ACT prep course; develop college-level study and time management skills; participate in community-building and leadership activities; start the College Search Intensive workshop. Week 2: Complete the College Search Intensive workshop.
  • The Georgetown Experience Seminars and the Critical College Writing course start in week two. The College Search Intensive workshops and the Digital Literacy course continue after that.
  • Week 3: Continue with Critical College Writing, College Search Intensive, and Georgetown Experience Seminars.

To participate in SCIP, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Join the KIPP Foundation or the Cristo Rey Network of schools, or another invited school, network, or community-based organization.
  • Obtain a recommendation to apply from your principal, guidance counselor, or regional advisor for KIPP Through College.
  • Submit a completed application

High-achieving rising seniors with strong GPAs, significant extracurricular involvement, and a desire to live meaningful lives are welcome to apply. Because admission is extremely competitive, submitting an application does not ensure acceptance. Please speak with your principal, guidance counselor, or advisor if you are interested in the program.

For more detailed information on what it takes to be a competitive applicant, please refer to our applicant profile.

The Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies and the Marineau Family Foundation have generously donated funds to cover SCIP’s tuition costs. You will be given a $400 stipend once the program has been completed successfully.

  • Obtain the applicant’s, parent/guardian, college counselor, school administrator, and recommender’s contact information.
  • Get the link to the application from the designated school representative, and fill out the student application form. View a list of the questions on our blank application form that will be asked during the application process.
  • Make sure your college counselor, school administrator, or recommender completes the recommendation form by speaking with them. Someone who can validate your academic records, including GPA and class rank, should serve as your recommender. You or your recommender can send your transcripts, an overview of your extracurricular activities, a resume, and any other necessary documents to summerimmersion@georgetown through our secure Box website. edu. We will only accept electronic documentation. Contact our office at summerimmersion@georgetown if you are unable to submit documents electronically for any reason. edu or by calling (202) 687-7087, and we’ll assist you in submitting your documents. The online application, recommender form, transcripts, and other supporting documents all have a March 1 deadline. All materials must be submitted by this date. Late submissions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All courses are taught by members of Georgetown University’s esteemed faculty, and SCIP is overseen by a leadership group and staff from the school’s School of Continuing Studies. Additionally, we use Georgetown University students as mentors for the program’s high school participants.

For questions or more information, please contact us at summerimmersion@georgetown. edu or (202) 687-7087.

Experience Georgetown Summer High School Medical Program


What is Georgetown University’s acceptance rate?

Georgetown University admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 12% and an early acceptance rate of 10 8%. An ACT score of between 32 and 35 or a SAT score between 1410 and 1550 are required for admission to Georgetown University, respectively.

Does Georgetown have summer classes?

Getting caught up on credits, graduating early, or making time for an internship or study abroad are all… More We are here for your Summer 2023!.

How much is Georgetown pre college program?

$5,730 ($1,910* per credit) College Prep Fee (covers housing) for one 3-credit course in the college preparation program

Does NYU have summer programs for high school students?

NYU also offers summer programs for high school students. Explore NYU Online High School Programs to learn more.

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