Fulbright Acceptance Rate By Country

What is a Fulbright Scholarship?

The Institute of International Education (IIE) oversees its administration, which is sponsored by the US Department of State. The program, which is currently being implemented in more than 155 countries worldwide, awards 1,700 grants annually to support a range of research and teaching opportunities abroad.

Which Fulbright Countries Are Most Competitive

The United Kingdom is the most competitive Fulbright country. The United Kingdom receives the most applications (842), nearly three times as many as the next-place country, Germany (298).

With an average of 105 to 200 registrations each, France, India, Italy, Mexico, China, Spain, Australia, and South Africa are some of the other popular nations.

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Which Fulbright Countries Are Least Competitive?

Candidates are always curious about which nations are the least competitive. Less than five requests are typically sent to more than 23 countries each year.

Small island nations in the South Pacific like Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Tuvalu receive just one application on average each year. In these places, it is advised but not necessary to speak the local language. Additionally, only research projects are accepted at these locations; graduate degree enrollment is not permitted.

Only two applications are submitted annually on average for Niger, Lesotho, and Ivory Coast. Niger in West Africa requires advanced knowledge of French. English can be used for a research project in Lesotho, Southern Africa (fluent Sesotho knowledge is helpful but not necessary).

Candidates for Côte d’Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast) must hold a Ph D. and intermediate proficiency in French. Candidates can suggest doing research in a variety of fields, including teaching English as a foreign language, medical science, life sciences, and French studies.

Vanuatu, Togo, Congo, Kuwait, Slovak Republic, Swaziland, and Uzbekistan are other nations with fewer than five requests each year.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these nations may not always grant Fulbright scholarships. The Fulbright Commission advises that the quality of the application will determine the scholarship awards.

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Four Different Types Fulbright Scholarship

The top 10 universities that have produced the most Fulbright scholars are listed below.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 311 (No. 1 in Massachusetts)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 26 (25.5% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 8,527

Enrolled Graduates: 21,864

Despite having the most Fulbright recipients, Harvard University frequently trails other Ivy League institutions like Brown, Princeton, and Yale in terms of awards received in a calendar year.

The oldest college in the nation’s overall ranking is unaffected, though, as many Harvard students decline their Fulbright offers in favor of more esteemed scholarships and fellowships.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 301 (No.1 in Rhode Island)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 29 (16.6% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 6,792

Enrolled Graduates: 3,156

According to Georgetown University, Brown University produced the most Fulbright scholars in 2021. The accomplishment marked the university’s fourth victory in first place.

It dispatched affiliated individuals in 2021–2022, from Trinidad and Tobago to Uzbekistan, all over the world.

University of Chicago

Location: Chicago

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 270 (No.1 in Illinois)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 18 (24.0% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 7,056

Enrolled Graduates: 10,778

Location: Washington D.C.

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 264 (No. 1 in District of Columbia).

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 26 (15.9% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 7,357

Enrolled Graduates: 12,014

Georgetown University produced more Fulbright recipients from 2019 to 2021 than any other American university.

Since its inception, nearly 500 graduate students and alumni from Georgetown have received the honor.

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 257 (No. 1 in New Jersey)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 22 (17.3% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 4,774

Enrolled Graduates: 3,079

Students at Princeton are assisted in navigating the Fulbright competition by the Princeton Office of International Programs Fellowship Advising Unit.

Ruth Simmons, a Fulbright scholar in 1967, made history as the first black woman and president of an Ivy League institution in the United States.

Beginning in 1983, Simmons held a number of positions at Princeton over the course of her career, including vice provost.

Location: Evanston, Illinois

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 255 (No. 2 in Illinois)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 17 (15% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 8,559

Enrolled Graduates: 14,044

The Fellowships Office at Northwestern University is in charge of running the university’s Fulbright program.

Since 2005, Northwestern University has consistently ranked among the top universities for Fulbright awards, sending students and alumni to work on projects ranging from documenting the experiences of Syrian refugees in Germany to gathering information on climate resilience in Taiwan.

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 237 (No.1 in Connecticut)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 21 (23.1% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 4,703

Enrolled Graduates: 7,357

Between 2016 and 2021, an impressive 100 Yale students received Fulbright scholarships.

The school%E2%80%99s success in helping people secure their scholarships has led to an increase in the number of applications (between 2020 and 2021, the number increased by 40%) and an improvement in the institution%E2%80%99s application support and mentoring programs

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 223 (No. 1 in Michigan)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 18 (17.6% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 31,329

Enrolled Graduates: 16,578

Nearly all of the top 10 schools that received Fulbright awards are private institutions. The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is the only exception.

In the academic year 2021–2022, the university will be given an astronomically large number of scholarships. Still, when you take into account the disparity in things like funding, it is even more impressive.

University of Notre Dame

Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 201 (No. 1 in Indiana)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 26 (23.9% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 8,874

Enrolled Graduates: 3,935

The University of Notre Dame has spent eight years at the top of the list of universities that produce the most Fulbright Scholars as of 2022.

Notre Dame had the second-highest number of Fulbright recipients of any research institution for the 2021–2022 academic year, as well as the second-highest number of scholarship recipients among students and alumni.

These highly qualified people have experience in a variety of fields, such as teaching English in Slovakia and conducting research in Germany.

University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia

Awarded Grants since 2011–2012: 200 (No. 1 in Pennsylvania)

Awarded Grants since 2021–2022: 19 (15.1% acceptance rate)

Enrolled Undergraduates: 11,155

Enrolled Graduates: 15,397

From initial briefing to submission, University of Pennsylvania Fulbright applicants work on their applications for about five months.

The rigorous process has a number of advantages, including the chance to have essay drafts reviewed and feedback sessions with business professionals on application materials.

For many people who are willing to follow the process, the effort is paying off.

What Are The Odds Of Getting A Fulbright Scholarship?

The US Fulbright student program receives thousands of applications each year, as you might expect. And in general, only about 20% of applicants will win a Fulbright award

This may make you hesitant to apply. But even if you feel your application won’t be perfect, you should still apply!

Who Are Some Famous Fulbright Scholars?

Alumni of the Fulbright program have excelled in fields such as science, politics, business, the arts, philanthropy, athletics, and education.

  • With the award of the Nobel Prize, 53 Fulbright alumni from 13 different countries have been recognized.
  • Twenty Nine alumni are MacArthur Foundation Fellows
  • Eighty alumni have received Pulitzer Prizes
  • Thirty Fulbright alumni have been heads of government or state

Some Prominent Fulbright alumni include:

  • Gary Conille: Ex Haiti Prime Minister
  • Amar Bose: Bose Corporation founder
  • Riccardo Giacconi: 2002 Nobel Laureate and a physicist
  • Juan Manuel Santos: Colombia President
  • Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and 2006 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Daniel Libeskind: Architect
  • John Franklin, a distinguished American historian and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Renée Fleming: soprano

How To Win The Fulbright Award (ETA)


Which Fulbright countries are least competitive?

More than 23 nations receive fewer than 5 applications annually on average. Small South Pacific island nations Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Tuvalu receive just one application on average each year.

What are the odds of getting a Fulbright scholarship?

As we’re sure you can imagine, the Fulbright U. S. Student Program receives thousands of applicants every year. And generally, only around 20% of applicants will win one of the Fulbright awards

What percentage of applicants get a Fulbright?

While acceptance rates vary from year to year, Fulbright typically awards grants to about 20% of applicants to the U. While acceptance rates differ from year to year, S. Student Program.

Is being a Fulbright scholar a big deal?

Grants are available through the Fulbright Scholar Program for recently graduated students, researchers, and teaching assistants. This is one of the most prestigious programs worldwide. 60 of the students who have received this scholarship in the past have now won a Nobel Prize.

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