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Florence-Darlington Technical College is a two-year college situated in a small town in Florence, South Carolina.

Because Achieving Your Potential Is Exciting

Attending one of FDTC’s numerous student events offers a ton of chances to make new friends and broaden your horizons.

Choose the subjects to examine just a few of the numerous benefits of attending community college.

Community colleges can provide special programs to students with unique opportunities and learning experiences because of their special relationship with local businesses. The FDTC’s collaboration with Caterpillar and their ThinkBIG initiative is a great illustration of these alliances. Students in the program gain experience operating full-size Caterpillar machinery provided by Caterpillar.

The cost of attending community colleges is MUCH more affordable than four-year universities. In-state tuition for four-year institutions in South Carolina typically costs $16,189 a year. In-state tuition at two-year community colleges typically costs $4,486 annually. How much cash could you potentially save by attending a community college?

Numerous convenient ways to earn a degree are being developed by community colleges. You can choose to take classes at different campuses, during the day or night, during the week or on the weekends, or entirely online at a community college like FDTC. Whatever your circumstance, FDTC likely has a job opportunity for you.

Every student, as we are aware, faces unique difficulties when learning something new. Because of this, community colleges like FDTC maintain small class sizes so that you can receive the individualized attention and support needed to finish your program at your own pace.

Florence, Darlington, and Marion counties are currently served by the Florence-Darlington Technical Education Center, which was founded in 1963. From 250 students when it first opened, the college now has more than 6,000 curriculum students. With a contemporary complex of eight significant buildings totaling nearly 350,000 square feet, its original campus, which was less than 10 acres, has grown to almost 240 acres.

The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing is presently Our staff engineers routinely collaborate closely with FDTC to develop products, make precise parts, and create virtual training scenarios.

Since 1963, Florence-Darlington Technical College has been educating the local workforce and serving the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina.

When it first opened in 1963, the Florence-Darlington Technical Education Center had 250 students enrolled. FDTC now has more than 6,000 students enrolled, and it supports the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina by offering the local workforce a high-quality education.

The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT), built by FDTC, was finished in 2007. This facility gives FDTC students unique learning opportunities, strengthens our connections with the neighborhood business community, and confirms our dedication to regional economic development.

The practical training you require is provided by Florence-Darlington Technical College, which also provides options that fit your busy schedule. With a degree from FDTC, you have the chance to increase your earning potential while paying as little out of pocket as possible. At FDTC, you can develop the abilities you need to succeed and unlock a world of opportunities.

The FDTC offers many options for you to increase your earning potential, with over 85 programs including diplomas, certificates, and degrees. Our educational programs and career training are created to impart knowledge. This practical learning style aids our graduates in locating employment quickly and affordably.

To create academic programs that are directly applicable to real-world jobs, FDTC collaborates with local businesses. This means that our academic programs are designed to prepare you for tackling problems in the real world as soon as possible.

Our Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs provide convenient ways for you to stay current on the most recent industry requirements whether you are thinking about changing careers, need to upgrade skills to stay current in your field, or are just interested in trying something new.

Every semester, our students participate in a variety of FDTC celebrations, activities, and study breaks that support their interests and culture. Students always have something going on at FDTC, whether it’s supporting our sports teams, spending time with one another during holidays, or hanging out during a study break sponsored by the school.

FDTC has six different campuses across the Pee Dee. While some of our campuses are strategically located to meet the community’s demand for access to higher education, others house specific programs. We welcome you to visit one of our stunning campuses to learn more about FDTC.

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