Five Branches University Admissions and Acceptance Rate

Location and Contacts
Rank University name Acceptance rate Acc. rate
1945 Five Branches University
1946 Mount Angel Seminary 100%
1947 Silver Lake College of the Holy Family 60%
1948 Pentecostal Theological Seminary

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Become a skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a certified acupuncturist who provides patient-centered integrative care.

The MTCM and DTCM programs’ accreditation period is (2018–2025).

Alumni are TCM doctors in practicing

Senior TCM practitioners are our faculty

Five Branches University Acceptance Rate

“The DTCM/MTCM Program gave me a fantastic starting point for my career as a holistic healthcare professional.” I appreciate the knowledgeable faculty’s dedication to teaching me this insightful medicine. They not only taught me the true principles of TCM, but also the power of empathy, attentive listening, kindness, and intention. My life has been drastically changed by this program, and I now have a deeper understanding of health. ”.

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