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This program is on offer for fall 2023. Due to COVID-19, we must continue to be adaptable in our responses to emerging situations. Our top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Accessibility of Studies (numbers of applicants admitted; language skills required of foreign applicants)

Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts’ Film and TV School is a prestigious institution for the study of performing arts. AMU’s Film and TV Schools are subject to the provisions of SS 48 to 51 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. and Amendments to Some Other Acts (the “Higher Education Institutions Act”), as amended, and adheres to the principles outlined by the Higher Education Institutions Act and the school’s internal regulations, particularly the AMU Attendance and Examination Regulations and The Dean’s Decree no 2_2018 on the admission procedure, organisation and termination of studies.

The completion of the admissions process, in which the applicant has demonstrated the necessary competence for pursuing the relevant program, is one of the requirements for admission to studies. The admission committees of the individual programs evaluate, verify, and score the applicants’ knowledge, talent, and skills before making a recommendation for admission to the Dean. These recommendations are based on the applicants’ knowledge, talent, and skills that the school has identified as prerequisites for admission to studies. The individual admission committees use the point scores as a tool to determine the order of the applicants. The Dean of FAMU decides whether to admit a specific applicant based on the recommendations made by the appropriate admission committees. 75 students are the most who have been admitted to the Bachelor’s programs in the study program of film, television, photographic art, and new media (B8204). In the study program of film, television, and photography (N8204), 65 students are the most who have been admitted to the master’s programs. (This information has been released in accordance with Section 49(1) of the Act.) The number of applicants admitted in the individual study program courses depends on the concept of teaching for the courses, circumstances resulting from the necessity of collaboration between courses, and the current economic, capacity, and organizational situation at FAMU; as a result, they tend to vary to some extent and are specified by a decision of the Dean of FAMU regarding applicants admitted to studies in the relevant academic year.

Foreigners and citizens of the Czech Republic can both enroll in studies at FAMU. The FAMU courses are taught in Czech, and the admissions process is also conducted in Czech (without the assistance of an interpreter), with the exception of the Photography, Montage, Cinematography, and Cinema and Digital Media programs, which are taught in English. Foreign applicants who wish to enroll in a FAMU program accredited in Czech must submit a valid language certificate, with the exception of Slovak Republic citizens who may be admitted “to all types of study programs of a public university under identical conditions in […] relation to the admission to studies and to the studies as the citizens of the relevant state” under an agreement between the Ministries of Education of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Without fulfilling this condition, the applicant cannot be accepted for enrollment.

The admissions process at FAMU is conducted in English as well as the fields of study that are accredited in that language (there is no interpreter available). The applicants whose mother tongue is not English must therefore present a valid certificate demonstrating their proficiency in English, at least at the B2 level as defined by CEFRL.

Sources of Information for Applicants

This website provides binding information on the application process for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD study programs. We kindly request that all applicants review the materials, including the most frequently asked questions, before contacting the FAMU Registrar’s Office with any general inquiries about any material they deem unclear or incomplete. FAMU organizes Open Days to provide prospective applicants with better information. Such Open Days’ specific dates are advertised in advance on the faculty’s website.

All applicants must meet the same requirements for admission, and no exceptions may be made. We want to make applicants aware that any information that may be shared outside the context of the information published herein (e g. by academic staff members or teachers during consultations, open houses, etc. (as defined by the Higher Education Institutions Act) are merely indicative and not binding. Please contact the Registrar’s Office with a specific question if you do not understand any information on the applicable FAMU website (and you have not found any clarification at any section of the site, or the relevant link).

concerning the disclosed information you consider incomplete or unclear. We advise applicants to focus their attention primarily on the deadlines: the submission deadlines for both the application and the sample works. You will not be a part of the admissions process if you miss either of the deadlines.

The most frequently asked questions:

1. All parts of the admission process are in Czech in the absence of an interpreter; your active knowledge of the Czech language at least at the B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) is a requirement for your participation in the admission procedure (in compliance with their specific admission requirements, the independent applicant must be a citizen of the Czech Republic). g. Czech language proficiency at the C2 level is required for employment in the Production Department or the Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy Department. Your initial active Czech language proficiency at the B2 level is required for the studies (unless the relevant Department specifies a higher language proficiency level) Therefore, we can assume that you will be able to manage the requirements of the study program in Czech from a language perspective if you have a command of Czech at the B2 level when you begin your studies at the beginning of the relevant academic year (beginning of October). If you are only on the B1 level when you submit your application (in November of the year prior), you must advance to the required B2 level before the start of the academic year in order to be admitted to study (i). e. within approximately 10 months). The FAMU website, tab “Basic Information on the Admission Procedure,” section “Accessibility of Studies,” contains all the details on how to demonstrate your current language proficiency when you submit your application and how to verify this if you are admitted. Please only submit any additional inquiries to the FAMU Registrar’s Office after carefully reading all of the posted instructions. 2. When and where can I apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs? How do I proceed after filling out the electronic application form? Print the form (on a color or black and white printer) and sign it. Then, enclose a copy of your secondary school transcript that has been officially certified, your resume, and proof that you have paid the administration fee (if you have not passed your school-leaving examination, see paragraphs 7 and 14). These attachments are mandatory parts of every applicant’s application (i. e. Without the attachments, the application is deemed invalid and the applicant is unable to register for the admissions process (regardless of whether the applicant has previously submitted an application or whether the applicant is a student or graduate of another university). Please mail the application and the aforementioned attachments to the Academy of Performing Arts (Akademie mzickch umn, Studijn oddlen FAMU, Malostranské námst 12, 118 00 Praha 1) by the deadline specified above, or deliver it in person to the Academy of Performing Arts’ mailing room in Prague at Malostranské námst 12, 118 00 Prague 1 during business hours.

4. The Czech POINT service, notaries, and municipal authorities all perform certifications, so how do I get a certified copy of my secondary school-leaving exam results? 5. Please prepare your CV in accordance with the general guidelines of a classic or structured CV (select one of the two forms).

6. What are my options for paying the administrative fee? Please pay the fee only by bank transfer (other options, such as g. postal bill or cash, are not acceptable). Please submit your application along with a printout of the payment receipt. See Dean’s Decree no. 1_2018 for more details on the administrative fee. Account number: 19-5373180297/0100. VS: 64913. Your application number is the “SS” (specific symbol), without which your payment will not be accepted by the application, rendering it invalid. For international payments, kindly use the following information: SWIFT code: KOMBCZPPXXX IBAN code: CZ 5301000000195373180297 Bank Address: Komern banka, Malostranské nám Account Holder: AMU, Malostranské námst 12, 118 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic We advise sending bank transfers in EUR through Eurogiro, which makes it easier to transfer money to AMU’s account in CZK. 7. Any correspondence will be sent via Czech Post to the address you have provided in your application. How will FAMU contact me during the admissions process? Please check carefully that you state your address correctly. 8. When completing the electronic application for the bachelor’s program, do I need to enter my grades? No, you do not need to enter your grades. However, the application must also state the month in which you will take your school-leaving examination and contain confirmation from your secondary school that you are enrolled in the final year. If accepted, you must enroll with a copy of your school-leaving exam report. Simply attach a certified copy of your school-leaving examination report if you have already passed the exam. Attach a certified copy of your Bachelor’s degree (not the diploma supplement) to your master’s program application.

9. I am applying for the Production Department’s Bachelor program. Having completed and printed the Production application, please indicate your chosen language in the bottom portion of the application. Where should I put the language that I should sit the relevant part of the admission examination in? 10. Do I need to attach a certificate from the university if I am applying for a Bachelor’s program and I graduated from another university? You must still submit a certified copy of your school-leaving examination report even if you have graduated from another university. 11. Does FAMU permit combining the study of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees? The Bachelor’s and Master’s programs may only be studied full-time. 12. If I apply to study at FAMU, do I need a medical certificate? You need a certificate of color perception if you apply to the Cinematography program. No medical certificates are necessary for other courses. 13. I am the type of person who will ask for a particular method of evaluating my study results based on medical considerations (dyslexia, etc.) ); how do I provide evidence of this situation? By a written note from your doctor that includes a concise justification of your demand for a particular course of action. Such a note, along with your own justifications for your request for a particular method of evaluating your study results, must be submitted with your application. 14. What are the deadlines for submitting applications and work samples? For Bachelor’s programs, you must mail your application by November 22, 2018, to the following address: Akademie mzickch umn, Studijn oddlen FAMU, Malostranské námst 12, 118 00 Praha 1. Alternatively, you can bring your application in person to the mailing room of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. By November 30, 2018, the necessary work samples must be delivered to the Prague Academy of Performing Arts’ mailing room or mailed to the department’s address. The date on the postal stamp serves as the determining date if you are mailing your documents. By June 23, you can either bring your application to the Academy of Performing Arts’ mailing room in Prague or mail it to the following address: Akademie mzickch umn, Studijn oddlen FAMU, Malostranské námst 12, 118 00 Praha 1. By September 1 at the latest, the Master’s project and the requested work samples must be delivered to the Prague Academy of Performing Arts’ mailing room or mailed to the department’s address. The date on the postal stamp serves as the determining date if you are mailing your documents. Under Section 67 of the Act on Higher Education Institutions, any attempts to submit the application, any missing portions of it, or any missing portions of the work samples after the specified deadline or in any other way are futile and will be viewed as attempted fraud. 15. FAMU does not offer any “year zero” or preparatory courses. FAMU hosts Open Days twice a year where prospective applicants can speak with the professors in their preferred departments. We would like to remind the applicants that under the Act on Higher Education Institutions, no information communicated during such consultations may be deemed to be binding. The only information that is of a binding nature is the information posted on the pertinent Official Board websites, which is the school’s website. 16. Can I apply to FAMU before my secondary school career is over? Only students in their final (school-leaving) year of secondary school are eligible to apply. On your application, your school must attest that you will take the school-leaving examination in the specified month and year. The absence of such confirmation renders your application invalid. 17. Do I have a right to view the materials pertinent to the decision on my admission to studies? Yes, once the admission procedure has been completed and based on a prior request with the relevant Department no later than 90 days from the date of concluding the admission procedure, you have a right to view the pertinent materials in the presence of a representative authorized by the relevant Department.

Do I Recommend Prague Film School?


Is FAMU Prague a good school?

FAMU offers some courses in English, but most of its courses are taught in Czech. The school has frequently been listed by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the world’s top film schools.

Does FAMU teach in English?

The admissions process at FAMU is conducted in English as well as the fields of study that are accredited in that language (there is no interpreter available).

Does FAMU have a film major?

FAMU offers three master’s degree specializations: directing, cinematography, and editing. Programs last for two or three years and are very demanding, but they are taught to small groups of students. Become a part of our FAMU community.

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