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We have the inside scoop on Facebooks software engineering internship. Learn more about how to apply, the pay, and obtaining a return offer.

It is well known that the Facebook internship program is very esteemed. It’s 10 times harder to get into and pays twice as much as other internships. After that, getting a job offer is quite another matter!

Everywhere you turn, this program’s competitive nature is obvious. You can quickly understand what I mean by looking through the LinkedIn profiles of those accepted.

Everyone wants the inside scoop on the interview process, the program, and the possibility of a return offer given the enormous appeal of the Facebook Internship. We asked 15 interns to describe their experience. Heres what they told us.

After that, you don’t hear back with an offer decision for five to two weeks. So altogether, the application process can take about a month.

When you accept an offer, a team like Oculus or Messenger will be assigned to you to work with over the summer. Usually, the match will be based on your skills. You will be assigned to a team that can utilize your skills over the summer, whether you are a front-end engineer or interested in machine learning.

Your offer will also include a salary for the summer. Is that salary negotiable? The short answer is no. In comparison to other internships, it already pays roughly twice as much, according to reporting from Vox. Yes, even more than Google.

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Facebook Internship Acceptance Rate

In 2015, Facebook was voted Number 1 internship available in a survey by Glassdoor – the second time the program has come out top of this rating. Interns, employees and directors explain why in this video – citing the great team, real challenges and personal ownership offered as reasons the scheme is so highly recommended.

When hiring recent graduates, employers are aware that work experience must be demonstrated. And we are aware that obtaining an internship is a fantastic way to gain experience in the field of your choice.

Being accepted on a prestigious programme, such as the internships offered at Facebook, is pretty much a bullseye on all counts, and will make your graduate resume really stand out.

But getting in is a tough gig. Ensure that your application really stands out if you’re tempted to join the team. Here’s how.

Connect on Campus

Facebook hire interns across hundreds of universities and dozens of countries. Data suggests that over 40% of those interviewed initially came into contact with Facebook at a campus event – so it makes sense to go along and connect with the recruiters face to face if you can.

At a campus recruitment event, being reserved and shy is not appropriate. Make sure your resume is current, professional, and printed on decent paper before you meet with an employer. Ask the representatives about their Facebook experiences to establish a personal connection and gain some insightful information while expanding your network.

Of course, you should still apply if your university is not listed in the Facebook rounds. Twenty percent of the students who were interviewed for internship programs also applied online directly, making up nearly one-third of the applicants. If you know anyone who already works for Facebook, ask them to recommend your application to the appropriate parties.

Present Your Best Side

The capacity and desire to take on challenging issues are among the qualities the Facebook team looks for. They’re looking for individuals who will arrive at an internship with fresh ideas and be ready to work immediately like a full-time employee.

Tommy Crush, former Facebook intern, explains:

“Along with the benefits of essentially working full-time, comes the responsibility.” The attitude of “Oh, I’m just an intern, they’re not expecting much from me” is unacceptable. ”.

And he should know, having turned an internship into a full-time position as a Facebook Software Engineer!

Use your application and resume to demonstrate how you’ve taken initiative to learn and develop. These might include serving in a leadership capacity in student organizations and activities, volunteering, or gaining experience working for an employer or starting your own business. Experience in hackathons is a huge plus if you’re looking for a job in engineering.

The Interview

Whatever your area of expertise, there will be internships available in engineering, tech and design, and business. Naturally, the type of the interview will depend on the particular program you apply for.

Getting a phone interview – which is the first stage in the process – takes two or three weeks on average, according to reviews and commentary about the Facebook internship programme left on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor reviews can give you a good idea of the types of questions that are asked, but make sure you practice a variety of question types. The exact tone of the interview will vary each time if there is a large team of interviewers. Make sure you prepare your responses to competency-based interview questions, practice them, and have your resume on hand when the interview call comes in. It really does make a difference if you try to smile while you speak.

Be Prepared to Work Hard!

Facebook have their interns doing ‘real’ work right away – and that means you’re straight in at the deep end! In fact, Facebook’s first mobile advertising interface was designed by an intern. This is a fantastic opportunity to shine – and the Facebook team do say that they use the intern programmes as an opportunity to assess candidates for permanent opportunities in future.

Before joining the program, you will be able to select the specific project you want to work on, to show and develop your skills. Ex Facebook intern, Paul Baltescu explains:

“I really value the fact that I had the opportunity to select the project I wanted to work on at the start of the internship. It’s incredible to consider that, in addition to working on a project that would affect hundreds of millions of users, I was also able to select from a variety of projects the one that most excited me.

Active listening is the best way to get a head start when you first arrive. You will be eager to get going, to do something. That is entirely understandable, but if you don’t take the time to really pay attention to what your boss, your mentor, and those around you have to say, you might find that you go in the wrong direction. And because interns at Facebook have so much freedom, there’s a chance that you’ll discover too late in the day that you’ve chased your proverbial wild goose.

When you’ve got a firm grasp on your project, you can afford to dive in and take on additional work. Take on challenges proactively, and share your ideas during team meetings. It will be noticed.

The atmosphere is described as more like a series of small startups, with relatively small, tight knit teams working together on specific projects – a perfect environment to learn and develop as an intern. And it’s not all hard work. Aside from free food for all, their company perks include trips, tournaments, and Thursday evening cocktails – on the house!

Soak up the Learning

Given the high profile of the team, it is not surprising that most of the coverage of the Facebook internship program centers on the incredible campus, the chance to meet “Zuck,” and the opportunity to experience the distinctive lifestyle provided by such a prestigious company. However, those who have participated in the internship program emphasize that you must seize the chance to learn.

It will be difficult to keep up with everything, especially in the first week. You will be given a mentor as an intern who is responsible for ensuring your success. As you will be surrounded by some of the best minds in the industry, you should make sure you use them. You will be given great responsibility as well as great freedom. Call on your mentor when things get crazy because they are there to ensure your success.

The general consensus among those who have been there before, is that 40-50% of interns are offered permanent positions with Facebook Even if the gig doesn’t lead to a full-time offer, the experience you gain will be invaluable elsewhere, and having a high-profile company like Facebook on your resume will be impressive to any recruiters.

So if you find yourself in an interview for a Facebook internship, prepare well and make sure you give it your all. Make the most of the opportunity if it works out. And don’t give up if it doesn’t work out for you this summer. When applying for A Class graduate jobs, having internships on your resume is a great way to stand out from the competition. Go back to looking right away and find the best match for you.

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Is getting an internship at Facebook hard?

It’s more difficult to get a software engineer internship at Facebook than it is at Microsoft, Google, or Apple. Although there is fierce competition, the benefits and the invaluable work experience you will gain make it worthwhile to put up a fight.

How many interns does Facebook hire?

The three-month summer internship program at Facebook includes more than 1,000 interns and is spread across its 64 offices worldwide. Additionally, a survey is given to each intern and their designated 1:1 mentor at the conclusion of the program.

What is the acceptance rate at Facebook?

However, since the stage of the onsite interview is the most difficult, you should anticipate a low success rate. Some people project the Facebook onsite interview success rate to be as low as 5% You can visit discussion boards like Reddit and Quora to find out about past candidates’ experiences and advice.

How prestigious is Facebook internship?

It goes without saying that the Facebook internship program is extremely esteemed. It’s ten times harder to get into and pays twice as much as other internships. The competitive nature of this program is evident in every way, and getting a full-time offer after that is a whole other story.

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