ESSEC Business School Paris [Acceptance Rate + Statistics]

Since 1907, ESSEC has led the way in business-related education. Its mission is to prepare students for the challenges of the future. ESSEC offers a unique instructional approach in a connected, mechanical, and doubtful world where projects become increasingly complex. This methodology is based on the production and dissemination of cutting-edge information, a blend of academic study and practical experience, and multicultural receptivity and exchange.

ESSEC Business School, founded in Paris in 1907, is a center of academic excellence supported by its staff’s research. The School’s reputation is based on a pioneering spirit that influences both its instructional methodology and its logical aspirations, and this is reflected in the size of its graduated class network.

The goal of ESSEC Business School is to produce and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge, to train and produce powerful and eye-catching pioneers for both the business world and society at large. The projects of ESSEC Business School encourage students and participants to envision and address the financial, administrative, social, ecological, and moral challenges of an inexorably dubious world. The school uses innovation with a human touch to help them complete an increasing number of complex tasks.

The ESSEC logo, which features the motto “Per scientiam promotion libertatem,” reflects the group’s core values of striving for greatness, intensity of learning, and readiness to take on challenges. Additionally, this is the main goal of ESSEC’s educational strategy: to give our students more freedom by dispersing information.

Acceptance rate

BBA Program

The BBA program at ESSEC is intended for high-achieving applicants who have completed high school. It has been around for more than 30 years and lasts for a total of 4 years. The BBA program at ESSEC is unique because of its outstanding international orientation. Graduates will have completed at least one year of work experience abroad and at least one semester at one of ESSEC’s 77 partner universities in 30 different nations. Partnerships with prestigious universities like McGill in Canada and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ensure that ESSEC students can benefit from a vast network of international business networks.

Campus Life

ESSEC is a single institution, but it has campuses in three different nations. The bustling Parisian business district of La Défense is 35 minutes away from the France-based campus, which is situated just outside of Paris. There are 2 additional ESSEC campuses, one each in Singapore and Rabat, Morocco. The tri-campus gives access to three significant but distinct global business markets and industries. Singapore is one of the most vibrant and rapidly expanding markets in the world thanks to its flourishing and cutting-edge technology sector.

With its steady growth and potent culture, Morocco is a rising force in business and a regional economic powerhouse that influences all of West- and Sub-Saharan Africa. ESSEC’s reputation really does speak for itself, and it may be the best globally connected business school in the world with access to such different and diverse financial markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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Essec Business School Acceptance Rate

Essec Business School Acceptance Rate

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How hard is it to get into Essec business school?

Students are admitted via the councours entrance exam at ESSEC and the school has an acceptance rate of just 6% for applicants This highly selective institution is known for both its prestigious Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Masters in Management (MiM) programs.

Is ESSEC a good business school?

ESSEC is ranked at the top of many national and international rankings for top higher education institutions in management. These findings highlight the School’s strengths, including the caliber of its programs, graduates, and the career opportunities available to them.

What is Essec business school famous for?

ESSEC, one of the top international management schools in the world and the eighth-best business school in Europe according to the Financial Times, has been a leader in business-related education since its founding in 1907.

Does Essec business school require GMAT?

You can apply to the ESSEC Global MBA program without taking the GMAT in order to guarantee your acceptance, and you will be accepted into the program pending receipt of accepted GMAT scores. Before ESSEC receives all of your paperwork and test results, you cannot enroll in full and qualify for scholarships.

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