Emerson Film Acceptance Rate

Everyone (I mean literally EVERYONE) is creative in some way, and there’s a great vibe here. “.

Alex Monto, a SOCAPA alum and current Emerson student, was asked for advice for high school filmmakers getting ready for college.

Media Production Applicant Requirements

First-year and transfer students applying to Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts Department’s Media Production major are encouraged to include a creative sample in their application. After the application has been submitted, creative samples may be submitted in the application portal and may consist of:

  • a video or film submission up to 5 minutes long (maximum file size of 5 GB);
  • a 5- to 10-page script or screenplay;
  • an audio or sound clip; or
  • digital photography.

You must submit your Common Application with Emerson Supplement or Emerson Application, along with the application fee, in order to upload your creative sample.

What is Emerson College looking for from a creative sample?

We consider creative samples to evaluate your capability right now. Your creative sample should demonstrate your originality, meaningful content, sense of aesthetics, and technical prowess. Keep in mind that your creative sample should be independent. It’s ultimately up to you how you accomplish these occasionally conflicting goals. For instance, your artistic sensibility may occasionally require you to forego intricate craftsmanship in favor of a more straightforward technical approach. Do not be afraid to make courageous or audacious decisions!

How much money should I spend in making the content for my creative sample?

We do not judge applicants based on their resources. Both projects with a large cast and submissions from applicants with just one shot of a person speaking to the camera have been accepted.

If I choose to submit a film or video, what style does Emerson College want?

There is no formula for a sure-fire creative sample. It can be narrative, documentary, or experimental. It could be a lip-synched scene, a clip tape with music on it, a band’s music video, etc. Everything from a documentary on colony collapse disorder to a jean advertisement has been shown to us. It might be a video against war or two men jumping on a trampoline. We’ve been interested in personal revelations, tributes to great directors, and choreographed fight scenes. It can make use of a 3-D graphics rendering engine from a video game, a 35mm camera, a camcorder, a cell phone, still photos, a typewriter, or a still camera. Anything goes.

How do I upload a script?

Follow the steps for uploading a movie, but select PDF as your upload format instead to upload a script. To convert a Word document to PDF, choose File>Save As>PDF.

Do you have practical advice on putting together the creative sample?

Spend some time performing quality assurance and examining the entire submission in the Digital Portfolio. You spent a lot of time making your submission appear and sound great on your screen—ensure that we have the same experience by checking the compression rate, the sound quality, and whether or not the entire frame is being used.

Make your hook count. Make a good first impression by showing your audience your best work right away, whether you’re sharing audio samples, a few quick videos, or a collection of photos. Hundreds of people submit creative samples to Emerson College. Make yours stand out.

Request a critical review of your work from someone. Are you better off submitting your best 90 seconds of content rather than stretching it out to five minutes? Set up your narrative more effectively. Do not waste time. More than simply combining shots, sounds, or scenes, editing also entails building a coherent whole. Display your ability to make difficult decisions regarding your work. There is no penalty if you don’t use the entire page limit or time allotment.

If your creative work isn’t in English, kindly subtitle it or include a written translation with it.



Is it hard to get into Emerson film school?

The acceptance rate at Emerson is 35. 6%. For every 100 applicants, 36 are admitted. This means the school is very selective. You have a good chance of being admitted if you meet Emerson’s requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application requirements.

Is Emerson a good film school?

Emerson (Again) Ranked #6 Best Film School by Hollywood Reporter.

What is the acceptance rate for film school?

Top 15 Best Colleges for Film MajorsSchool NameLocationAcceptance Rate (2019)1. University of Southern California (USC)Los Angeles, CA11. 4%2. UCLALos Angeles, CA12. 3%3. Chapman UniversityOrange, CA53. 6% (2018)4. New York University (NYU)New York, NY15% (2020).

What is the hardest film school to get into?

USC is a top film school in part due to its location in Los Angeles. The School of Cinematic Arts is extremely selective, with only about 3% of applicants being admitted Animation, screenwriting, critical studies, media arts, interactive media, and film production all have their own undergraduate programs.

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