Does Acceptance Rate Matter Uber

What happens if you decline too many delivery offers on the Ubereats driver app? Do you need to keep a high acceptance rate when delivering for Uber Eats?

That’s a question that can make you uneasy given how frequently we hear about delivery drivers having their contracts terminated by businesses like Uber Eats. We know that acceptance rate shouldnt matter. How do we know for sure?.

Does acceptance rate matter? No. No longer does Uber Eats even provide the acceptance rate on the driver app. Well look at that some more.

We’ll dig a little deeper into Uber Eats’ acceptance rates. In this article, well examine:

The definitive answer is that your Uber Eats acceptance rate does not matter. They make it clear in both your independent contractor agreement, as well as on the website.

How Does Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Work?

The proportion of order requests you accept on Uber Eats is known as your acceptance rate. For example, if you receive 100 order requests and accept 75 of them, you have a 75% acceptance rate for Uber Eats

According to Uber, your driver acceptance rate no longer appears in the app and has no bearing on whether you can accept orders or be considered for promotions.

Since you can avoid deactivation on DoorDash even with an extremely low acceptance rate, this is comparable to DoorDash’s acceptance rate.

Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter?

Although Uber Eats advises accepting orders whenever possible, the key point to remember is that you cannot be deactivated for having a low acceptance rate.

Although Uber Eats does not currently display your acceptance rate within the app, it most likely still calculates this data in the background.

The most crucial advice for Uber Eats drivers, however, is to only accept orders that pay enough to justify the mileage.

Accepting orders that pay around $1 per mile is a common practice for DoorDash and Uber Eats drivers.

In light of this, always prioritize your financial well-being before deciding whether to accept or reject an order; you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on your Uber Eats acceptance rating.

That said, Uber Eats is slowly unrolling its new Uber Pro program in different markets. With Uber Pro, drivers get perks like:

  • Discount car maintenance
  • Cash-back rewards on gas
  • Tuition coverage from Arizona State University
  • Perks like discounts at various Uber Eats partners

Does Acceptance Rate Matter Uber

The number of points you earn each month determines which reward tier you are placed in by Uber Pro. Deliveries, maintaining a high driver rating, and maintaining a high acceptance rating all result in points being awarded.

What this still doesn’t imply is that you should keep your acceptance rate on Uber Eats high.

Don’t accept orders if the pay isn’t sufficient for them to be worthwhile for you. It’s as simple as that!.

Similar programs are offered by DoorDash and its Top Dasher program, but once more, the benefits aren’t worth maintaining such a high acceptance rate.

How Do You Check Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate?

Your Uber Eats driver acceptance rating can no longer be viewed in the app. However, if you are eligible for Uber Pro, you may be able to view your present acceptance rating and the minimum requirement you must meet in order to receive benefits.

A rough estimate of your acceptance rate can also be obtained by looking at your lifetime completed deliveries and accounting for the number of orders you skip versus accept.

Does Your Uber Eats Cancellation Rate Matter?

The percentage of deliveries you cancel after accepting them on Uber Eats is your cancellation rate. For example, if you accept 50 deliveries but end up cancelling one of them for whatever reason, your cancellation rate is 2%

Uber Eats treats cancellations much more seriously than acceptance rates, similar to other apps that pay you to drive.

This is due to the fact that frequently canceling open orders leads to a poor customer experience, which is detrimental to business.

Here’s what Uber Eats says about its cancellation rate policy: “Each city has its own cancellation policy. If your cancellation rate goes above the average for your city, you’ll receive a notification. If it continues to be high after multiple notifications, your delivery partner account may be deactivated.”

Uber-Eats-cancellation-rateThe bottom line is you should avoid cancelling active trips whenever possible since this is a risk for deactivation from Uber Eats.

You should only postpone travel if there is an emergency. If you know that finishing an active trip will reduce your hourly pay, you can also cancel it with caution.

Another typical DoorDash ruse that also applies to Uber Eats is this one.

For instance, it’s probably best to cancel the active order if you arrive at a restaurant and learn that the food will take an additional 30 minutes to prepare because the kitchen is slow so that you can resume making money.

Again, caution must be exercised because there is a risk of a high cancellation rate.

What Do Other Couriers Think?

So, I don’t think your Uber Eats acceptance rate matters. Really, all you need to do is make sure your cancellation rate is low while maintaining an extremely low acceptance rate.

But what do other drivers who deliver food believe about this issue?

Well, here’s what some Uber Eats couriers are saying about acceptance rates on Reddit and what rates they actually have themselves:

  • Desperate_Ad489 says: “Mine is 9%….25 from 280.”
  • Jimbeambeamer says: “I got 5%. Accepted 40 out of 826.”
  • Has to be close to $8 for me to consider accepting, says dstant06 Haven’t checked my acceptance rating in a while. I make a 20 to 30-minute drive to a more affluent neighborhood that typically tips well in order to activate the app. Today was an exception. ”.
  • Godsmackedlife-19 says: “Cancel rate is 2 percent. 800 trips, 5 stars, and a 37 acceptance rate are the highest it’s ever been, and I’m only surprised because I’ve been receiving excellent offers, promotions, and quests. Before quests, I continue to never do anything for less than two dollars a mile. ”.

As you can see, all of these Uber Eats couriers have acceptance rates well under 50%, and two drivers are in single digits!

This happens frequently to seasoned gig workers, and once more, the most significant factor is your hourly rate.

This is also the reason why it’s crucial to do things like drive during peak Uber Eats hours and double-up with other jobs like Instacart during slow times.

YouTuber MooshiMoo discusses the gig economy in this video as well as a recent Uber Eats update that displays drivers’ acceptance rates to customers when they order food.

The customer-facing app for Uber Eats recently underwent a change that is honestly kind of strange and not great for drivers.

Because you cherry-pick the best orders, you’re probably going to have a low acceptance rate.

However, customers who are unfamiliar with the gig economy may now perceive this as evidence that you are a poor driver and may leave you with a smaller tip.

Overall, this update is illogical, but we must wait to see if it is implemented in more markets and how it will affect food couriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, drivers who have low acceptance rates are not deactivated by Uber Eats. In actuality, your acceptance rate has no bearing on the volume of order requests you get. However, one way to be deactivated is to have a high cancellation rate.

What Is The Minimum Acceptance Rate For Uber Eats?

Uber Eats doesn’t have a minimum acceptance rate. To be eligible for the Uber Pro rewards program in some markets, you must maintain a minimum acceptance rate. However, there isn’t a minimum rate to maintain in most markets or generally.

Final Thoughts

I hope this explanation of acceptance rates on Uber Eats clarifies what this metric means and why it doesn’t really matter to drivers in the end.

Sincerity be told, most gig jobs work really hard to promote high acceptance ratings.

But in the end, you need to make sure you’re earning enough money for a side job to be worthwhile.

Accept only those orders that are profitable for you, and try to keep your cancellation rate as low as possible.

Best of luck out on the roads!

You can also sign up for Uber Eats if you haven’t started driving yet.

Additionally, consider trying out DoorDash and Instacart so you can test which delivery gig pays the most in your market.

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Does acceptance rate affect Uber drivers?

No, drivers who have low acceptance rates are not deactivated by Uber Eats. In actuality, your acceptance rate has no bearing on the volume of order requests you get.

Does Uber acceptance rate really matter?

High acceptance rates are essential for a dependable, high-quality service, but declining trip requests won’t result in your account being permanently closed. Accepting trip requests regularly keeps the system running smoothly and helps drivers earn as much money as possible.

Can Uber deactivate you for low acceptance rate?

Keep in mind that if an account has a low acceptance rate, Uber does not completely deactivate it. Instead, if you make too many cancellations, they might lock you out of your account. Uber periodically requests that you add a fresh selfie to the app.

What is a good Uber driver acceptance rate?

Uber also keeps track of the acceptance rate, which is the proportion of pings that are accepted. Uber tells drivers that they should keep above an 80% acceptance rate, but %22the closer to 100% the better “.

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