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The Disney College Program was suspended in March of 2020, but it has since been reinstated, giving those who missed out on the chance to experience the magic a second time. What is the Disney College Program? How much do Disney College Program interns make? And perhaps the most frequently asked question of all: “How do you get into the Disney College Program?” Here is all the information you need to know about the DCP Internship.

[Note that the focus of this article is the Disney College Program. From one program to the next, specifics regarding the Disney International Program, Disney Culinary Program, and Disney Professional Internships may differ significantly. ].

I’ve previously written about the DCP on this site, back in March of 2020 (READ THE ENTIRE THING HERE).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Walt Disney Company was temporarily suspending the Disney College Program.

Disney has thankfully decided to resurrect the DCP internship program as Covid-19 is hopefully on its way out.

That, in my opinion, is some VERY GOOD news for college students everywhere.

Having said that, if you are reading this right now, you most likely have questions.

Polish your resume by analyzing your experiences

So step one: the application process. Although it can be intimidating, as Walt himself said: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” ”.

I suggest making a whole new resume. Start fresh (you can fill in the blanks on previous resumes to help you), but now is the time for consideration. Create a new resume that highlights your qualifications as the ideal applicant. Don’t use filler words. Be purposeful in what you’re trying to say.

You’ve invested years developing your leadership abilities, background knowledge, academic progress, and volunteer work. Include your best experiences on your resume, and this is crucial: list the specific tasks you undertook during each experience in bullet points. Remember: quality over quantity!.

Really read the job description, multiple times if necessary. Don’t just apply because it has “Disney” in the title. The more time you invest in determining whether this position is right for you, the better chance you have of making an argument and outlining to the Disney Campus Recruiter and hiring managers why you believe this would be a good fit.

I advise reading through your resume once more after finding the perfect position to see where you can add those keywords. If you’re applying for a position in marketing, for instance, consider how you can further describe your marketing expertise and whether you believe there is a strong fit between what you are capable of and this exciting new opportunity.

P. S. – Now that you have a killer resume down, I also suggest activating LinkedIn notifications and being proactive—search what positions are available within the company and try to check out all the cool positions out there! You never know what just might be the perfect fit for you.


The number of times I’ve been questioned in an interview about my cover letter or portfolio is mind-boggling. Cover letters are unique because they give you as an applicant that personalized touch. They tell hiring managers that you are enthusiastic and interested in this position—it’s not just another job for you!

Many people choose not to include cover letters because they believe it is “one less step,” but going the extra mile can truly make a significant difference.

Personalize your cover letter, but avoid reiterating your resume’s contents. Tell your story. Be sincere and confident. Show them what you have to offer. This is your chance to stand out.

You are now one step closer to being better prepared for your big interview day since you are reading this article right now. Both the application and interview processes—but particularly the interview one—require research.

Before my first Disney interview, I was on a short vacation in Michigan with my family when I woke up at sunrise to sit by the lake and just do research for hours. I read dozens of blog posts, articles and watched so many YouTube videos about the company and what accepted interns actually do. I wanted to get a more informed understanding of the actual interview process and the internship operations, so I followed the official Disney Programs YouTube account and highly recommend you start there!

I also followed their official Instagram accounts to stay updated and get an insider look at how current professional interns are interacting with this opportunity and the company.


I performed a dozen times in front of my bathroom mirror while practicing (and, of course, pumping myself up with some Disney music). It’s critical to plan, but it’s equally crucial to maintain your self-awareness. There are thousands and thousands of applicants every year. You’ve come this far for a reason, and being selected for an interview is already such an honor.

For the interviews, be yourself. I conducted phone and Zoom interviews, but you might have a different experience. I advise going above and beyond by creating interview questions for the interviewers. Be kind, be curious and stay professional!.

Oh, and one more thing: admiration for the brand is fine, but obsession? Talk about why this is a good fit for your skills and what you can bring to the table rather than spending a lot of time expressing how much you love the company. Your admiration for the Disney brands and movies must be balanced with your consideration of business considerations in a professional setting. You must consider the company’s success as well as your own personal enjoyment of the theater or the park.

Overall, my final piece of advice is to persevere. Anything your heart desires will come true when you wish upon a star, according to the proverb. ”.

This is an adventure to find the ideal opportunity for you, and sometimes everything ends up working out just so…well, magically, so keep trying, develop your skills, and have fun!

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How much do Disney professional interns make?

The Walt Disney Company interns in the United States make on average $12 per hour. 67, which is 11% below the national average.

Is it hard to get into the DCP?

Disney only accepts about 12,000 new hires each year out of the more than 50,000 applicants they receive each year.

Do Disney professional interns get free tickets?

You’ll earn your first set of complimentary tickets once you’ve put in your first 150 hours of work. You will be given a free Main Entrance Pass if you are taking part in the program as Disneyland Resort. This pass entitles you to admit up to three guests into the parks on 16 different days throughout your program.

Is Disney internship worth it?

The program is without a doubt one of the most well-known internships in the hospitality and tourism sector, and over its 40-year history, demand for it has only increased. The program provides the exceptional chance to “live, learn, and earn” at the Walt Disney World Resort, which can be a very rewarding experience.

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