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The Davidson education offers academic challenge in a distinctly encouraging environment. Located 20 miles north of Charlotte in Davidson, N. C. Davidson College is a liberal arts institution that places a strong emphasis on the value of relationships and hands-on learning. Political science, biology, economics, neuroscience, computer science, and pre-med/allied health are popular academic fields. An important Honor Code that establishes the standards for both academic and residential life governs us. We host 21 NCAA Division I sports and are the alma mater of 23 Rhodes Scholars. Through the Davidson Trust, Davidson is honored to be the first liberal arts college to do away with loans from financial aid packages.

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Acceptance rate

Davidson College Acceptance Rate – Class of 2026

Davidson’s Class of 2026 acceptance rate was 16. 8% which is the lowest admit rate in school history. 6,487 people applied for the Class of 2026, and 1,090 were accepted. This was slightly friendlier than the previous cycle’s 17. 8% mark.

Davidson College Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The Class of 2025 submitted 732 binding Early Decision applications, and 312 of them were accepted, according to the most recent data from Davidson College on ED acceptance rates. This 43% acceptance rate is far higher than those who applied in the regular round The final 2021-22 freshmen class was composed of 57% students who applied ED Two Early Decision periods are available at this school, one in November and one in January.

Davidson College Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Rank

For Class of 2025 members, the mid-50% SAT EBRW range for enrolled freshmen was 670-740; the math range was 660-750 The composite range on the SAT was 1310-1460. The ACT range was 30-34. It is crucial to note that Davidson started a three-year pilot program as a test-optional school in March of 2020. This became a permanent policy as of spring 2022.

On the grade front, the average unweighted GPA was 3. 81 and 32% of entering 2021-22 freshmen earned a perfect 4 0. Seventy-four percent of this cohort placed in the top decile of their high school class and 97% finished at least in the top quartile

Admissions Trends & Notes

  • Davidson instituted test-optional admissions during the 2020–21 admissions cycle and made the decision permanent in 2022 due to the COVID–19 pandemic.
  • Continuing on that subject, 48% of Class of 2026 applicants did not submit test scores
  • The school claims that legacy students are accepted at a rate that is twice as high as non-legacy students. Typically, the early decision round is the only time this advantage is given.
  • 105 international applicants were admitted into the 2022-23 cohort.
  • The Class of 2026 included 132 first-generation students. This is up from 123 the prior year.

How Davidson College Rates Applicants

Four factors are deemed “very important” by Davidson College in the admissions process: the difficulty of the high school curriculum, volunteer work, recommendations, and character/personal qualities. Application essays, extracurricular activities, and talent/ability are all “important” components of the admissions process. GPA, class rank, and test results are all interestingly demoted to “considered” status in an unusual move.

We head straight to the admissions office at Davidson for a slightly different perspective on the university’s priorities. This institution believes in “a broad range of achievement, acknowledging that excellence takes many forms.” “When evaluating applications, Davidson places emphasis on the following factors in order of importance:

  • Rigor – The difficulty of high school course selections
  • Success – Grades attained in a candidate’s specific field of study
  • Writing ability and personal impact: Essays are evaluated, and suggestions are made.
  • The breadth and depth of extracurricular activities are involvement, leadership, and service.
  • Testing: Students have the option of submitting their SAT and/or ACT test results. Davidson does not consider the writing portion of either test. For the purpose of the application review process, students may self-report or submit official scores. All enrolling students must submit official scores. Read more about our testing policy.

Understanding what highly competitive colleges are looking for when evaluating extracurricular activities is crucial because Davidson wants to see success and leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. In essence, they are seeking dedication and success in a few key areas. Check out our blog post How Many Extracurricular Activities Do I Need for College for more information.

Davidson College Demographics

Let’s examine the characteristics of the Davidson College undergraduate population.

The Class of 2025 is geographically represented as follows:

  • Mid-Atlantic: 17%
  • West: 14%
  • Midwest: 7%
  • Northeast 16%
  • South: 36%
  • International: 9%

These nations account for the largest proportion of international students:

The composition of the Class of 2024 in terms of ethnic identity is as follows:

  • White: 65%
  • Asian: 9%
  • Hispanic: 10%
  • African American: 7%
  • International: 9%

Gender analysis reveals that roughly equal numbers of men and women enroll in universities.

Participants in the Class of 2025 went to the following high schools:

  • Public: 55%
  • Independent: 34%
  • Non-Traditional or International: 12%

Davidson College’s “Yield Rate”

Davidson College’s yield rate is 48%. For comparison, other top liberal arts schools have the following yields: Wesleyan University (36%), Haverford College (44%), and Vassar (31%)

Tips for Applying to Davidson College

You should be aware of the following if you intend to be one of the 6,000 applicants to Davidson College for the upcoming admissions cycle:

  • First off, you should seriously consider applying for ED I by November 15 or ED II by January 8 if Davidson is your top choice. The Regular Decision deadline falls on January 11.
  • Although this school does not use interviews as part of its evaluation process, prospective students are encouraged to contact Ask a Wildcat or a local admission counselor with any inquiries.
  • Davidson uses a form that must be filled out by a classmate or close friend. This unusual addition to the application can aid in providing a more thorough picture of a potential candidate.
  • It is unclear from Davidson College whether your level of “demonstrated interest” will be taken into consideration. We advise putting forth the effort to interact with them on social media, register for a virtual information session, visit campus (if feasible), speak with an admissions officer, etc.
  • Prospective Wildcats can apply using the Davidson Application, the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or both.
  • Remember to maintain those grades throughout your senior year of high school as you will be required to submit a Mid-Year Report in late February.
  • Last but not least, be sure to devote enough time and energy to the two additional writing prompts provided by Davidson College. In the 2021-22 cycle, they were as follows:

Question 1: The number of 4-year colleges and universities in the United States is just under 4,000. What about Davidson College most interests you, in as much detail as you can? (250-300 words)

Question 2: Davidson encourages students to pursue their interests both inside and outside of the classroom. Tell us about a subject, activity, or notion that you find exciting. Examples may include hobbies, books, interactions, podcasts, movies, etc. (250-300 words).

College Transitions’ Davidson College Essay Tips

Invest a lot of time in your “Why Davidson” essay’s research and writing. Visit our earlier blog post on the topic for more information on writing a successful “Why This College” essay. Please feel free to share something fascinating for the second entry, even if you don’t think the hobby, book, podcast, or movie is “impressive” academically in the conventional sense. Use this space to convey to the reader your true interests and personality.

Should I Apply to Davidson?

Just about everyone admitted to Davidson finished near the top of their high school class and 90% possessed at least a 3 5 cumulative unweighted GPA in a rigorous curriculum. If you check those boxes, you might be a competitive applicant to Davidson, and submitting an application will undoubtedly be worthwhile of your time and $50 if the school is a good fit for you. However, the majority of applicants to Davidson must also have a suitable mix of “target” and “safety” schools on their college list. You can learn more about how to make a balanced college list here.

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What GPA do you need to get into Davidson College?

1. Achieve at least a 3. 81 GPA while taking the most challenging classes available. Academic rigor is “very important” to the college’s admissions decisions because of the demanding coursework at Davidson. Students who are admitted to a selective school like Davidson frequently have completed more than 12 AP courses.

Is Davidson College prestigious?

Davidson is one of the best and most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country. Our community’s academic and residential climate is governed by an important Honor Code.

What is Davidson known for academically?

In all academic fields, Davidson is known as a pioneer in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. Students frequently collaborate with faculty on original research as faculty members incorporate original research and scholarship into the classroom.

Is Davidson College Ivy League?

The Hidden Ivies are a group of large research universities like Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, as well as a number of small colleges like Davidson College, Pomona College, Carleton College, and Oberlin College. Louis, and the University of Southern California.

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