Dartmouth Ed Acceptance Rate 2024

Throughout the %E2%80%9990s Dartmouth College sported an acceptance rate between 21% and 26% By around 2010, that figure had fallen to 12-13%. In 2022, the school posted a 6% admit rate for the second consecutive year Every successful Dartmouth applicant has a perfect academic record, standardized test scores above the 95th percentile (usually higher), and boast-worthy skills that go beyond the classroom. Despite receiving 28,000 applications annually, Dartmouth will only accept about 1,750 of them. It will take some investigation to determine whether you are a competitive applicant to Dartmouth.

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Early Applications Accepted Early Acceptance Rate
2025 566 21.25%
2024 526 26.4%
2023 574 23.20%
2022 565 24.89%

It was another record application year for Dartmouth College. The prestigious Ivy League college received 3,009 Early Decision applications, and accepted just 578 students for a record-low admission rate of 19%. The newly accepted students will be joined by the 47 who matched with Dartmouth through the QuestBridge program.

In December 2022, Dartmouth College released the results of its Early Admission program for the Class of 2026. Of the 3,009 students who applied in the early round, the college accepted just 578 or 19% The 47 students who matched with Dartmouth through the QuestBridge program will join the newly accepted students. Early round admissions percentages frequently exceed regular admission percentages. We advise you to if you want to improve your chances of being admitted to Dartmouth.

Dartmouth announced a series of significant changes to its financial aid policies last year, including the elimination of required loans in aid packages and the elimination of a required parent contribution for applicants from families with annual family income and typical assets below $65,000 per year. Those applying to the Class of 2027 are the first to do so. Dartmouth this year also became one of only seven American institutions that offers need-blind admissions and meets 100% of demonstrated need regardless of citizenship

Dartmouth Early Decision Acceptance Rates

Class of 2025 Class of 2026 Class of 2027
Total ED Applicants 2,664 2,633 3,009
Total ED Admissions Rate 21.25% 20.38% 19%

The class of 2026 at Dartmouth College was diverse in terms of creators and game-changers. Lee Coffin, vice provost of enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid, said that reading this year’s applicant pool and creating a class from its impressive depth was both inspiring and humbling.

Just six students from the Class of 2026 were accepted by Dartmouth. 2%, tying the Class of 2025 as the most selective admission cycle in the school%E2%80%99s history

The acceptance rate cannot capture the intellectual engagement and personal vibrancy showcased across the pool, and the Admissions Committee was excited to see the palpable connection students outlined between their college aspirations and Dartmouth’s signature strengths.

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands were represented among the admitted students. International students came from 73 nations on all continents, with the majority of them coming from the UK, Canada, China, and India.

Dartmouth’s Class of 2026 stats:

  • 53% students of color
  • 17% first-generation college students
  • 15% live in a rural community
  • 60% attended public high schools
  • 63% applied for need-based financial aid
  • 19% qualified for Pell Grants

Ivy Day, March 31, 2022: The was posted on Dartmouth’s website.

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Dartmouth’s Expanded Need-Blind Admissions to International Students

Dartmouth’s need-blind admissions policy was expanded this year to include all applicants, regardless of citizenship. As of result of this new policy, Dartmouth saw a 2% increase in admitted international students In total, 15% of the Class of 2026 are international citizens

The diversity and breadth of Dartmouth’s international applicant pool, according to Coffin, were astounding. Considering these candidates on the basis of their academic and personal merits was made possible by the policy’s universal need-blind admission. ”.

Dartmouth Acceptance Rate and Admission Stats for Class of 2026

Number of Applications Accepted Students Acceptance Rate
Regular Applications 25,703 1,207 4.7%
Early Applications 2,633 560 20.38%

Dartmouth Regular Admissions Results for the Class of 2026

Dartmouth College noticed a significant increase in applications two years ago. Dartmouth still saw a significant increase from the Class of 2024 despite receiving 21 fewer applications this year than the Class of 2025.

Dartmouth received 25,703 applications for its incoming Class of 2026 during the regular admission round, but only 1,207 students were accepted. As one of the prestigious Dartmouth only admitted 4. 7% of students in the regular admissions round.

Dartmouth Regular Admissions Results over the Past Three Years

While the number of applicants to Dartmouth grew by 33% from 2020 to 2021, applications remained steady between 2021 to 2022 The graphs below display Dartmouth’s admissions and application rates over the previous three years.

Dartmouth Overall Admissions Acceptance Rates

Class of 2024 Class of 2025 Class of 2025
Total First-Year Applicants 21,394 28,357 28,336
Admitted Applicants 1,881 1,749 1,767
Overall Admission Rate 8.8% 6.17% 6.2%

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How I Got Into Dartmouth

Crimson Students Accepted into Dartmouth College

Congratulations to all the Crimson students accepted into Dartmouth’s Class of 2026! We already have 6 students reporting acceptance to Dartmouth, and more are on the way.

How Crimson Can Help you get into Dartmouth and other Top Universities

According to US News, Dartmouth ranks #13 in the United States. It will become more difficult to enroll in colleges like Dartmouth as the, particularly schools, rise.

Crimson Education helps gain admission to their . Crimson’s acceptance rates are rising despite sizable applicant pools and low acceptance rates at prestigious universities!

Here is a breakdown of the Class of 2026’s Ivy League acceptance numbers, which total more than 489 Crimson students.

  • 83 offers were made to the most competitive Ivies, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Penn, out of the 119 Crimson students.
  • UPenn extended several offers to its prestigious Huntsman Program and Wharton School of Business.
  • 77 offers, including those from Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, John Hopkins, and Caltech, to the top ten universities in the United States.
  • 81+ UC Berkeley and UCLA offers

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What is the ED acceptance rate at Dartmouth?

In a record-breaking pool of 3,009 early decision applicants, Dartmouth accepted 578 members of the Class of 2027 this afternoon, the College announced in a Dartmouth News article. The acceptance rate of 19% is an all-time low for the College%27s early decision cohort

Is Dartmouth test optional for 2024?

Dartmouth College has decided to continue its test-optional admission policy through the 2022–23 application cycle due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This choice is being made as the 2023 high school graduating class starts looking into colleges.

Is it easier to get into Dartmouth Ed?

Early decision (ED) at Dartmouth is a program that is legally binding; by applying through ED, you agree to attend Dartmouth if admitted. The advantage of applying for early decision is that the 22% ED acceptance rate is much higher than the 6 17% overall acceptance rate.

How many ed applicants does Dartmouth get?

Class of 2025 and Class of 2026 Dartmouth Early Decision Acceptance Rates Total ED Applicants: 2,6642,633 Total ED Admissions Rate: 21 25 . 38%.

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