College of Western Idaho

Website: 5500 East Opportunity Drive, Nampa, ID 83687; phone: (208) 562-3000

Nampa, Idaho’s College of Western Idaho is a public university. With 10,277 students overall, its campus is situated in a rural area. The school utilizes a semester -based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 22 -to-1. The associate degree is the highest level of education provided by College of Western Idaho. The school offers credit for life experiences and has an open admissions policy.

For the 2018–2019 academic year, in-district tuition and fees were $ 3,336; in-state tuition and fees were $ 4,336; and out-of-state tuition and fees were $ 7,344 There is no application fee.

Students can earn degrees and certificates in 26 different fields. Popular courses include general studies and humanities, health professions and related programs, business, management, and marketing, as well as liberal arts and sciences.


College of Western Idaho (CWI) Admissions

The application and admissions process at College of Western Idaho is quite straightforward, and it consists of a total of 4 steps, which are as follows: Step 1 that a prospective candidate must complete: Submitting the application As part of the admissions procedure at College of Western Idaho, a candidate must first apply to the college. Call the college at (208) 562-3000 to apply to the university if you’re interested, or you can do it online. Alternatively, they can go to the college’s admissions office at 5500 East Opportunity Drive, Nampa, Idaho 83687, and follow that route. If not, they can call the College of Western Idaho’s admissions office to request admission. After submitting their application and paying the enrollment fee, candidates must submit specific documents in order to be considered for admission. This is the second step in the application and admission process. Candidates must submit the following paperwork to College of Western Idaho: Transcripts: As a crucial step in the evaluation process, applicants must submit all necessary high school and college transcripts using Parchment (or comparable platforms). Also known as the personal statement, it gives applicants a distinctive way to highlight their accomplishments and personalities. Candidates must include their own examples and anecdotes. Official Test Scores: Candidates who submit their official SAT or ACT scores will have a stronger argument for admission to College of Western Idaho. Although it is recommended, it is not required, and not all students submit their results. Additional documents or information may be required once the college has finished reviewing applications. The third step requires the candidate to confirm their attendance at College of Western Idaho. Additionally, they must choose their housing and finish the Financial Check-In process. These procedures include selecting a lodging option, selecting a payment plan, and making the initial payment, as well as reviewing and verifying the summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs). In addition, candidates must pass the math and English tests before continuing with the registration process for classes. After completing all of the aforementioned procedures, candidates must complete step four, which involves registering for classes.

SAT Scores you need to get in

SAT scores are highly valued by colleges and are thought to help them understand applicants’ overall academic performance. However, since the SAT scores are not a requirement for admission to College of Western Idaho, there is no specific information regarding the average SAT score or other admissions standards for the university.

ACT Scores you need to get in

The university has not made any official information regarding the minimum ACT score requirements available to the public. However, applicants can submit their ACT scores to the College of Western Idaho to be considered for admission. The college doesnt put much emphasis on the same.

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) The admitted students’ average high school GPA

A candidate’s chances of being admitted to any college can be improved by having a higher GPA. Additionally, most institutions frequently regard it as a crucial element in admissions. However, College of Western Idaho does not follow this pattern. The applicants must also be well-versed in the requirements for admission, including the paperwork needed and the factors taken into account by College of Western Idaho when making admissions decisions, among other things.

What Really Matters When Applying

Application Deadline Deadline for application submissions. Please contact the school for more details.

Application Fee Application fees can vary by program and some students may not have to pay them. Please check with the school.

The application deadline of the college depends on several factors. The most popular application period for students, fall, typically begins in September and may last until April. Early decision deadlines typically have September deadlines, while the final deadline has an April date. Notably, students may need to submit their applications before the early deadline in order to qualify for scholarships. This is why it is always recommended to apply early.

Credit for Life Experiences

The majority of US universities encourage students by allowing them to earn college credit by enrolling in specific high school courses. These well-known programs include CLEP (Credit for Life Experiences), AP Credit, and Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit). Each college has its own policy regarding these credits. A shorter time to finish a degree, a higher GPA, and a higher likelihood of finishing a degree are some advantages of using such programs. To avail AP and CLEP credits, please visit collegeboard. org and request that they send the results to their top-choice college.

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What Is the AWS CWI Exam Pass Rate?


What are the admission requirements for CWI?

Have a minimum 2. 0 high school cumulative GPA. Students should speak with a Dual Credit Advisor to discuss a possible override if they don’t meet the GPA requirement. Be enrolled in an eligible Technical Dual Credit course. Have permission of high school official.

Is CWI a good school?

Overall Quality. CWI landed the #1,482 spot in College Factual’s 2023 ranking of best overall colleges in the United States. To arrive at this ranking, higher education experts looked at 2,241 colleges and universities across the country.

How many students go to CWI?

Minimum requirements: Be 18 or older. Complete the Application for Admission. submit the following: The last high school transcript that you have received.

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