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between 25-30%

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The Carroll School of Management at Boston College promotes challenging coursework combined with internships, study abroad programs, and part-time employment to prepare students for careers in business. The second year of electives based on functional skills allows students to “develop a strong specialization” in a business area of their choice. The first year is a “thoughtful” core curriculum that covers a wide range of topics from operations to accounting through which the class progresses in cohort. Questions and suggestions from students are “remarkably” responded to by the administration, and “administrators are always available for a phone conversation.” Carroll University offers “academically challenging” and “engaging” professors who “teach theory and provide opportunities for experiential learning. The small program size “encourages a supportive environment and results in a very close-knit class. Carroll’s faculty is “a fantastic blend of academics and business professionals, all of whom seem to genuinely enjoy teaching and are approachable outside of class. There are many distinct personalities with a variety of industry experiences who are committed to teaching, and their real-world professional backgrounds are “helpful in conveying key business concepts.” Some professors at BC offer once-in-a-lifetime courses, and nearly all “show significant interest in connecting with students and providing real academic value. The amount of work a student must do “largely depends on the discipline” they are concentrating in, and there are “a wide variety of courses offered for a smaller program. ”.

Test ScoresGMAT (25th and 75th percentiles)600 – 690GPA3 – 56

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept Jobs w/in 3 Months Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Marketing / Sales 25% $90,000 $91,155 $51,667 $140,000
Finance / Accounting 23% $90,000 $86,557 $56,000 $120,000
General Management 22% $100,000 $107,321 $65,000 $150,000
Consulting 14% $100,000 $93,500 $75,000 $115,000
Other 9% $140,000 $138,375 $93,500 $180,000
Operations / Logistics 5% $90,000 $90,670 $82,009 $100,000
Human Resources 2%
Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept Jobs w/in 3 Months Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Financial Services 36% $100,000 $108,571 $85,000 $150,000
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare 20% $95,000 $92,722 $51,667 $120,000
Consulting 14% $80,750 $83,438 $56,000 $115,000
Consumer Products 9% $87,500 $85,417 $75,000 $90,000
Other 8% $130,000 $130,000 $80,000 $180,000
Technology 4%
Manufacturing 3%
Real Estate 3%
Government 2%
Non-profit 2%
Petroleum / Energy 2%

DatesApplication DeadlinesApr 15

When the universities acceptance rate is 3.5%


What is the Carlson school of Management acceptance rate?

HighlightsApplication Fee55 USD for undergraduate, 65 – 95 USD for postgraduate; Golden Gopher Application or the Common Application for undergraduate applications; Acceptance Rate28 4%.

What GPA do you need to get into Carlson school of Management?

A minimum GPA of 3.0.

Is BC or BU harder to get into?

Top 20 Institutions with Lowest Acceptance RatesSCHOOLLOCATIONACCEPTANCE RATEPrinceton UniversityPrinceton, NJ4%Stanford UniversityStanford, CA4%Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT5%Brown UniversityProvidence, RI6%

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