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Greater diversity in business schools and the business world at large is urgently needed now more than ever. As a result, many MBA programs have intensified their efforts to increase the number of qualified applicants from underrepresented minority (URM) groups who enroll in their programs. The Consortium for MBA Applicants is one organization putting forth a lot of effort to advance URM representation.

We assist several dozen clients through the MBA application process each MBA admissions season, concurrent with the admissions process for The Consortium. Indeed, multiple members of the SBC team are Consortium experts.

For instance, Erin, an SBC consultant, previously served as a Board member of The Consortium and an Admissions Officer for two prestigious MBA programs. Jessica, an SBC consultant, received a Consortium Fellowship while enrolled in Darden’s MBA program.


The Consortium history and mission

The Consortium initially gave young African-American men chances to have a fair shot at climbing the corporate ladder through the MBA. Later, The Consortium expanded its membership to include women, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans. Membership came along with the fellowship.

However, after the Supreme Court decided on the Gratz vs. Bollinger and Grutter vs. In response to the Bollinger cases, The Consortium opened its doors and extended membership opportunities to qualified candidates who support its mission to advance “inclusion of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in American business.” Members do not have to be a part of these organizations, but they must act in accordance with the mission in both their personal and professional lives. Thus, membership is no longer race-based, but rather mission driven. Additionally, candidates must show they have what it takes to succeed in an MBA program at a Consortium member school.

Candidates can apply to up to six Consortium schools with just one application, similar to the undergraduate Common Application, for a small fraction of the cost compared to applying to each school separately. The catch: the candidate must rank the schools. I always advise my clients to rank the schools from their top choices to their least favorites. However, I think there is a ranking strategy used in order to get a fellowship.

Yes, the candidate’s access to the orientation and corporate partners is guaranteed by their membership in The Consortium. In fact, many members get internship offers before the start of the academic year.

To summarize the benefits:

  • One application can be used for up to six schools at a low cost by applicants.
  • Members have access to a vast alumni network of 21 institutions, including formal or informal mentoring from Consortium alums.
  • Students have access to corporate sponsors at orientation if they are chosen as members.
  • Students who are chosen as fellows receive full tuition and a stipend.

* The Consortium’s Board of Trustees approved Stanford GSB’s membership on February 8, 2022, which will be effective beginning July 1, 2022.

To learn more about applying through The Consortium and the strategy behind the rank order, please contact me for a consultation. Moreover, Accepted will offer Consortium applicants a special coupon code for 10% off all purchases of $2000 or more for services to help you apply through The Consortium. The best deal in town just got even better.

by Natalie Grinblatt, Accepted admissions expertBy Natalie Grinblatt Epstein, former admissions dean/director at three top business schools. Natalie has reviewed over 70,000 applications, interviewed over 2,500 candidates, and has trained nearly 700 admissions directors and alumni volunteers to select outstanding candidates for admission. Her clients gain admission to top programs including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Cornell, Columbia, Berkeley, and NYU. Natalie holds an MBA from Michigan Ross. Want Natalie to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch!

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How many people apply through the Consortium?

Every academic year, the Consortium typically enrolls a class of more than 500 students.

What is a Consortium MBA?

The Consortium offers full-tuition fellowships based on merit to outstanding MBA candidates who have a track record of fostering inclusion at work, in school, and in their personal lives.

What does it mean to apply through a Consortium?

When compared to applying separately, the Consortium application’s common application enables prospective students to submit one application for up to six MBA programs.

What is the easiest top MBA program to get into?

10 MBA Programs With the Highest Acceptance RatesSchoolAcceptance RateTulane University78. 3%Oklahoma State University83%Coastal Carolina University84. 1%Appalachian State University84. 4%.

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