Columbia Gsas Acceptance Rate

One of the most competitive Ivy League schools in terms of admissions statistics is Columbia University. The acceptance rates at Columbia University have decreased over the past eight years and are almost certainly going to continue to do so in the future, following the trends at all elite universities.

The Class of 2023 represented the most difficult admissions cycle in the history of Columbia University. With 42,569 applicants and 2,190 acceptances for the Class of 2023, Columbia University had an overall acceptance rate of 5 percent. 1%. Overall applications increased by 5. 9% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 40,203 to 42,569

650 students were accepted through the early admissions process for the Class of 2023. 4,461 early applications were received in total, resulting in an early acceptance rate of 14. 6%. Early applications increased by 9. 2% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 4,085 to 4,461

Columbia University has an overall acceptance rate of 7%, with a 3.73% regular decision acceptance rate and a 10.31% early decision

early decision
Early decision is a binding decision, meaning that students must withdraw applications to other schools if accepted. It is not legally binding, but there is a commitment involved with penalties for withdrawing for spurious reasons. › Early_decision

acceptance rate. Columbia University received 60,377 applications for the Class of 2026.

Acceptance Rate 15,924 Applied 4,027 Accepted 951 Enrolled 25%

Exam Details
Masters Degree Exam GRE General Test, GRE Subject Test (for some programs)
Doctoral Degree Exam GRE General Test, GRE Subject Test (for some programs)

International Students

Exam Details
TOEFL: Required TOEFL Paper score: 600 TOEFL IBT score: 100
IELTS: Required IELTS Paper score: 7.5

Tuition & Fees

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Financial Support

Financial award applicants must submit: FAFSA
Application deadlines for financial awards December 15
Types of financial support available Health Care Benefits Institutionally-sponsored Loans Scholarship and/or loans Traineership Graduate Assistantships Tuition waivers for student who do not receive fellowships or assistantships Career or field-related internships Federal Work-Study Financial support for part-time students

Student Body

3,312 Total Graduate Students 52% International Breakout (representing other countries)


Hispanic/Latino 4.65%
Black or African American 3.38%
White or Caucasian 30%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.15%
Asian 12.56%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.03%
Two or more races Not Reported
Unknown Not Reported


Male (47%) Female (52%)

Location & Contact

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Asking Columbia Students how they got into Columbia University | SAT/ACT, GPA, EC’s, etc…


Is Columbia grad school hard to get into?

A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3 is typically required for full admission to Columbia College graduate programs. 0, for students’ entire academic career. Students with a cumulative GPA lower than 3. According to each program’s section, 0 may be qualified for conditional admission.

How hard is it to get into Columbia school of General Studies?

The acceptance rate at Columbia University, School of General Studies is 35% In other words, only 35 out of 100 applicants are accepted. This means the school is quite selective. You have a good chance of being admitted if you have high academic standing.

Is Columbia Data Science hard to get into?

The academic profile of the class is also exceptional. The average undergraduate GPA score is a 3. 7, and the typical GRE verbal and quantitative scores are 157 and 166 respectively.

How hard is it to get into Columbia Teachers College?

“These figures (acceptance) vary from year to year. Every year in recent years, we have received about 800 applications. We have an acceptance rate of approximately 15%. ” How do you get a degree from Columbia University?.

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