Ceibs Acceptance Rate

CEIBS has been ranked No. 1 in Asia and No. 5 in the Financial Times in 2020 and 2019, and for 16 straight years (from 2005 to 2020) in the top 25 of the Financial Times’ annual global business school ranking. Here are 21 Reasons Why.

What is the typical acceptance rate to the CEIBS MBA program? On average, over the past 10 years, one out of every three or four.

What is the tuition for CEIBS’ MBA program?

The cost of attending the 16-month MBA 2025 program is RMB 468,000 ($65,600). Living expenses for on-campus dormitories are RMB 3,000 per month.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to CEIBS’ MBA program?

For the past three years’ incoming classes at CEIBS, the average GMAT score is 678.

Does the CEIBS MBA program accept the GRE?

Yes. The CEIBS MBA program accepts the GRE. Additionally, they provide the CEIBS Admission Test, which is comparable to the GMAT but excludes the AWA and IR sections.

What is the average GRE score for admission to CEIBS’ MBA program?

The incoming class’s average GRE score over the past three years is 325.

What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to CEIBS’ MBA program?

The minimum number of years of work experience required by CEIBS is two.

What is the median starting salary for graduates of the CEIBS MBA program?

For CEIBS MBA graduates, the starting salary is RMB 480,00. The pay will vary by industry, with manufacturing and healthcare positions paying more.

How long is CEIBS’ full-time MBA program?

The 18-month full-time MBA program at CEIBS is divided into six terms of roughly three months each. The program begins in August.

What are the application deadlines for CEIBS’ MBA program?

The Round 1 MBA application deadline is November 16, 2022. The Round 2 application deadline is January 11, 2023. The Round 3 deadline is March 22, 2023. The Round 4 deadline is May 17, 2023.

What percent of CEIBS MBA students are women?

The percentage of the class at CEIBS that are women is 50%

What type of interview does CEIBS use for MBA admissions?

Interviews are by invitation only and required for admission. Candidates from outside of China may be able to interview via telephone or video conferencing, while Chinese residents are required to travel to campus for a face-to-face interview. CEIBS faculty, department directors, alumni, and admissions managers interview candidates. In most cases, applicants will be interviewed by two interviewers. Each interview is approximately 30 minutes in English.

Congratulations to the CEIBS MBA Class of 2020!

It’s time to celebrate! #CEIBS #Teddy and members of the #MBA Class of 2020 share a special message for everyone graduating today!.

Getting Business Fit at CEIBS Summer Pre-MBA Boot Camp

70 young professionals from 20 different countries braved Shanghai’s oppressive summer heat to spend a week living like a CEIBS MBA student, while many others tried to avoid it. They participated in company visits, cultural immersion activities, lectures, workshops, and workshops over the course of the 6-day camp to experience campus life and Shanghai city life. Watch highlights from the classes, business visits, and entertaining activities around town if you weren’t able to attend our summer Pre-MBA Boot Camp. More about CEIBS Summer Pre-MBA Boot Camp: http://www. ceibs. edu/mba/bootcamp.

Class Profile

There are 120 students in the full-time MBA class of 2023 at CEIBS. Nearly 43% of students studied Business Nearly 16% majored in Language

The average GMAT of the incoming student is 684, with the 80% range falling at 630-760 Women make up 50% of the class, and there are 38 3% of the class originates outside of China.

Application Procedures

Every year, CEIBS offers four admissions rounds, typically in October, January, March, and May. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

An online application form, a bachelor’s degree or higher, two years of full-time work experience, a GMAT or GRE score, university transcripts, a copy of one’s passport, English language proficiency, the two required essays, and the application fee make up a complete application. Chinese and international applicants must meet the same eligibility requirements and admissions standards; however, international applicants must have a valid VISA to enter China and a Student Resident Permit for the duration of their time at CEIBS.

Interviews are by invitation only and required for admission. The admissions office will compile a short list of candidates for interviews after reviewing the applications. Chinese residents must travel to campus for a face-to-face interview. Interviews with candidates who reside outside of mainland China may be conducted by phone or video conferencing.

Essay Topic AnalysisNeed help with your essays? Get our experts’ advice.

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Recommendation QuestionsFind out what top MBA programs ask recommenders.

The CEIBS online application is now active for the 2018–2019 admissions cycle, which means that candidates and their recommenders can now access the CEIBS recommendation questions. Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide this reference, CEIBS writes to its referees. This form can be completed in either English or Chinese. In order to assist us […].

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Steven Ji, the MBA Marketing, Admissions assistant director Ji began his career in the CEIBS MBA Admissions Department in 1999, following his graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He […].

In our annual Admissions Director Q&A, MBA admissions directors from around the world will talk about their programs, the application process, essays, interviews, and more. The assistant director of the MBA Marketing, Admissions, Lihao (Steven) Ji, will provide some opening remarks for the 2020–2021 series. CEIBS, which […].

Class Size 120
Female 50%
Mean GMAT 678
Mean GPA n/a

CEIBS LiveWire and DecisionWire

Five academic departments at CEIBS, including Economics/Decision Sciences, Finance/Accounting, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Marketing, collectively employ 81 faculty members. About a third of the faculty members are from Europe, the U S. , and China, enabling the professors to instruct using distinctive international methods

The university also has a seminar series, a number of professional faculty publications, and close to 20 research centers.


The full-time MBA program lasts for sixteen months and is divided into five terms, each lasting roughly three months.

Term starts in August with a Foundation kick-off and immediately follows with Term 1, which runs from October to December. The second term ends with the winter break, and the following four terms run from January to December. Students have the option to complete an internship or take more elective courses in Term 4, which runs from June to August.

To graduate, students must complete 64 credits in total, including 33 core credits from each of the following five foundational disciplines: strategy and entrepreneurship, economics and decision sciences, finance and accounting, marketing, and organizational behavior and human resources management. Core courses are mandatory and cannot be waived. The remaining 31 credits are made up of a variety of electives, five of which are abroad and are meant to deepen students’ understanding of the world. These electives are available for students to take in Malaysia, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Germany, the United S. Most students choose to focus on general management or one of the following four concentrations: finance, marketing, digital business, or entrepreneurship. A student must complete at least 10 credits in a concentration to do so successfully.

Students can select from an exchange program, one of five overseas electives, two U.S. electives, or an exchange program to fulfill the requirement for international experience. S. -based coordinated degree programs: Johns Hopkins University or The Fletcher School at Tufts The second-year Integrated China Strategy Project, in which students collaborate in groups to serve as consultants for CEIBS-sponsored businesses, is another distinguishing feature of the program.

Other MBA Degree Options

A one-year MBA option, a Finance MBA, a Global EMBA, a Hospitality EMBA, and a Chinese Language EMBA are all available through CEIBS in addition to the full-time MBA.

The one-year MBA program is intended for students who are sponsored by their employer, are entrepreneurs, family business owners, have post-MBA job opportunities that are guaranteed, or are international students. Participants in the one-year program take core courses alongside the full-time MBA class before moving quickly through electives. The Part-Time MBA in Finance is intended to train future industry leaders and prepare them for entry into the Shanghai financial hub. The FEMBA is taught exclusively in Chinese and lasts for nearly two years, meeting twice on weekends each month. The Global EMBA focuses on senior executives who want to broaden their view of the world of business. Students must have at least 10 years of work experience, with seven of those years spent in a senior managerial position, in order to be admitted to the 20-month program, which begins each year in November. The 18-month Hospitality EMBA combines business training with service management and is available throughout Asia and Europe in a number of locations. Last but not least, the two-year Chinese Language EMBA meets four days a month, with all instruction conducted in Mandarin.

Degree Offerings at CEIBS

One-Year MBA Option: https://www.ceibs.edu/mba/one-year-option

Chinese Language EMBA: http://www.ceibs.edu/emba-introduction

Clubs, Conferences and Competitions

Students can develop their managerial and leadership skills right from orientation in the full-time MBA term thanks to the Intensive Leadership Journey.

More than 15 clubs with a variety of social, academic, and professional interests are currently housed at CEIBS. The CEIBS MBA Social Impact, for instance The club’s three-pronged strategy allows for maximum value-adding when combined with program-wise sustainability challenges and English language tutoring for underprivileged children of migrant working parents. The CEIBS Leisure Club arranges a wide range of social activities for students to unwind from the demanding academic curriculum, including a mountain hiking trip, cocktail and wine tastings, and movie nights.

Throughout the year, CEIBS hosts a number of conferences, including a Department of Strategy Each year, the annual academic symposium hosted by the Department of Economics and Decision Science alternates between a focus on economics and decision science. Marketing, financing and accounting also partake in running symposiums, respectively.

Students participate in a variety of business competitions each year in addition to the annual conferences, such as the Mergers and Acquisitions competition. Four CEIBS MBA students who placed first in 2018 received cash awards, access to a digital transformation strategy workshop, and other prizes.

Campus Spaces

The CEIBS campus is a bustling academic and social hub despite being located outside of Shanghai’s central district in a quiet residential area. Eight lecture halls, five discussion rooms, and the administrative offices for the Executive Education Program are all located in Academic Centre IV, the center of the university. The Commons Building also offers a sizable gathering area where students can unwind and eat in between classes. The building serves as a peaceful home base for all students, with three dining halls, two roomy lounges, and a waterside terrace. Along with a 8,000 sq. Phase III of the Shanghai Campus expansion, which was formally opened in 2013, includes the Academic Centre and Commons Building, a meter Conference Centre, a Central Pavilion, a faculty building, and student residences.

Students can choose to live on campus in one of the three dorms or off campus in one of the nearby residential areas. Although a one-bedroom apartment in the Jinqiao neighborhood costs about $500 per month in rent, some students choose to live closer to the city center and pay a higher price for a daily commute.

Career Services

The Career Development Center (CDC) at CEIBS is dedicated to helping students find the ideal career for their interests and skills rather than just getting them a job. The CDC offers workshops, mock interviews, career counseling, self-assessment tests, and role-playing exercises.

In order to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience in their areas of interest and ideally increase their chances at desirable opportunities, the CDC organizes recruitment fairs outside of Shanghai, on-campus corporate presentations, and practical practicum projects.

Career Statistics

Nearly 94% of the CEIBS MBA Class of 2022 accepted job offers Technology was the most popular industry for CEIBS MBA graduates, with 24 5% joined the industry. Financial services was the second choice, as 22. 6% of 2022 graduates selected the field. Healthcare and consulting took in 19. 8% and 11. 3% of the graduates, respectively. Around eight percent chose manufacturing for their post-MBA industry. The rest of the class dispersed among topics like CPG, real estate, and more.

In regards to region, 84% of the Class of 2022 settled in Mainland China Nearly 10 percent moved to the Asia Pacific region. Roughly 6% headed to Europe or America.


Tuition for the 16-month course starting in August 2022 is RMB 468,000, or roughly $65,600. The cost of living in on-campus dorms is RMB 3,000 per month, which covers water, electricity, air conditioning, and WiFi.

For students looking to finance their MBA, CEIBS provides a range of funding options, including loans, needs-based education funds, fellowships based on diversity, merit-based scholarships, and company-sponsored scholarships. The range of scholarships available is the most well-liked feature; in the class of 2022, more than one-third of students received a CEIBS scholarship. Although it is not necessary to submit a separate application, applicants are advised to do so as soon as possible to guarantee availability. Merit scholarships are given out based on an applicant’s potential to contribute to the MBA program, interview performance, and professional and academic accomplishments. Loans are made available to international students by CEIBS in cooperation with Prodigy Finance. Depending on the student’s country of origin, there are various other loan options.

Cost of Attendance

All students’ in-state tuition and fees come to RMB 468,000 ($65,600), or RMB 3,000 per month for a single room. Off-campus room and board costs vary, but come to about 5,000 RMB per month for a single room.

Steven Ji, the MBA Marketing, Admissions assistant director

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Welcome back to The Week Ahead, a series where we give a quick summary of what is happening in MBA admissions this week.

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What’s it like Studying MBA at CEIBS, Shanghai – Student’s Thoughts


Is Ceibs a good school?

One of the very few top-tier management institutions in Asia to make the FT list, CEIBS once again has the highest-ranked MBA program among business schools in mainland China.

What is Ceibs known for?

The first business school on the Chinese mainland to receive both EQUIS and AACSB accreditation was CEIBS. For six years running, CEIBS has ranked among the top five global MBA programs on the Financial Times’ list, and for five years running, it has ranked among the top five global EMBA programs.

How can I get into Ceibs MBA?

Application requirements include a bachelor’s degree or higher, two years of work experience, a GMAT or GRE score, and English language proficiency for all applicants. Applicants are required to answer essay questions to demonstrate potential.

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