Cal Poly Pomona Transfer Acceptance Rate


CSU Minimum Admission Requirements

Cal Poly Pomona requires all transfers to complete the following:

  • Be in good academic standing at the last instiutions attended
  • Have a minimum 2.00 GPA in transferable coursework
  • have completed the “Golden Four” and have a minimum of 60 transferable semester (90 quarter) units, 30 (45 quarter) of which must be in general education.

Required coursework for majors affected by the change may need to be completed with a “C” or higher.

Spring applicants must complete their requirements by the end of the Summer term, and Fall applicants must complete their requirements by the end of the Spring term.

Please be aware that applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree are not accepted at Cal Poly Pomona. We encourage applicants to consider a Graduate degree.

To be considered for admission, all applicants must fulfill the CSU’s minimum requirements. Since CPP admits applicants based on space available in each major, non-local applicants to high demand and impacted majors will be held to a higher admission standard. As a result, they should maintain a high GPA and complete all required, recommended, and/or preferred coursework.

Please be aware that a candidate is deemed local if the majority of their units are from one of our neighborhood schools or if one of our neighborhood schools is awarding their AD-T.

A basic public speaking course or other communication course in oral communication Must be completed with a “C-” or higher. A2: English Composition A course in English composition that places a strong emphasis on essay writing or concurrent reading and writing Must be completed with a “C-” or higher. A3: Critical Thinking A second semester writing or composition course, as well as a course in logic and persuasive writing Must be completed with a “C-” or higher. Note that as part of the admission requirements, all Engineering majors are exempt from taking Critical Thinking. A mathematics course above the intermediate algebra level is B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. Must be completed with a “C-” or higher.

Spring applicants must complete their requirements by the end of the Summer term, and Fall applicants must complete their requirements by the end of the Spring term.

Academic and non-academic criteria are combined in Cal Poly Pomona’s MFA model for transfer applicants, with academic criteria receiving the majority of the weight.

All applicants must fulfill the minimal CSU eligibility requirements in order to be considered for admission to Cal Poly Pomona. Following the determination of an applicant’s CSU eligibility, their performance will be evaluated using a combination of their cumulative GPA across all transferrable coursework and additional Cal Poly Pomona selection criteria, which results in an individual applicant’s CPP Elgibility Index.

Additional Requirements The following Cal Poly Pomona admission requirements are taken into account:

  • Academic grade point average in all transferable coursework.
  • Priority to students from our local area.
  • Your background, experiences, and unique circumstances, such as your military status, being a first-generation college student, having worked with foster children, being a foster child yourself, holding any leadership positions, and participating in authorized campus partnerships
  • completion of preferred, advised, or necessary coursework with a grade of “C” or higher.

Please note that even though local applicants will have an eligibility index, if they meet all of the minimum CSU requirements they will be admitted to a non-impacted program.

The following majors are not impacted, but they are in high demand, making them more competitive. Cal Poly Pomona has identified preferred courses that prospective applicants can take to help with academic preparation and advance their studies in their chosen major.

  • Based on how many of these courses are passed with a “C” or higher, non-local candidates will be given more weight.
  • Regardless of the preferred course list, local applicants who meet CSU requirements will be accepted into the university; however, completing these courses will speed up their time to graduation.
Major Preferred Course(s) CPP Course(s)
Computer Information System E-Business Finance, Real Estate & Law Management & Human Resources Marketing Management Technology & Operations Management
Business Calculus or Calculus I MAT 1250 or MAT 1140
Financial Accounting ACC 2070
Managerial Accounting ACC 2080
Statistics STA 1200
Major Preferred Course(s) CPP Course(s)
Early Childhood Studies
Child Growth & Development ECS 1000
Early Childhood Observation & Assessment/Activity ECS 2010/A
Early Childhood Practicum/Activity ECS 2100/A
Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum ECS 2350

Construction Engineering Technology Calculus I MAT 1140 Calculus II MAT 1150 Intro to Newtonian Mechanics PHY 1510/L General Chemistry I Major Preferred Course(s) CPP Course(s)

Major Preferred Course(s) CPP Course(s)
American Literature I or American Literature II ENGL 2300 or ENGL 2320
British Literature I or British Literature II ENGL 2510 or ENGL 2520
World Literature I or World Literature II ENGL 2710 or ENGL 2720


Major Preferred Course(s) CPP Course(s)
Calculus I MAT 1140
Calculus II MAT 1150

Cal Poly Pomona Transfer Admissions Overview


Is it hard to get into Cal Poly as a transfer student?

Despite the fact that the CSU demands a minimum overall college GPA of 2, 00 for transfer, Cal Poly is severely impacted, and those who are admitted typically have GPAs that are higher. Additionally, transfer students must be in good standing at their previous college or university.

Does Cal Poly Pomona accept transfers?

Cal Poly Pomona only accepts upper division transfer students. Before enrolling for fall and for spring, requirements must be fulfilled by the end of the spring term and the summer term, respectively. Transfer students must declare a major when submitting their application.

What GPA do I need to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona?

Eligibility Requirements Must have minimum 2. 00 GPA in transferable coursework. A minimum of 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter) is required.

What GPA do you need to transfer to Cal?

Obtain a GPA of at least 2 and finish 60 semester (90 quarter) units of transferable college credit. 4 (2. 8 for nonresidents).

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