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Boston University offers specialization in every course. 61,006 people applied to the university for a spot in the freshmen class of 2021–2022. Boston University’s popularity and status have risen. Twelve years ago, the acceptance rate at Boston University was 18 percent; today, it is only 33 percent. 58 percent ).

Boston University offers highly regarded academic programs in a variety of fields, including management, engineering, design, communications, drama school, and education. It is located in one of America’s most popular cities. Since Barack Obama’s first inauguration, the average SAT score has increased by more than 150 points due to the dramatic increase in applicants in recent years.

Today’s applicants must bring a lot more to the table than those chosen ten years ago because Boston University’s selectivity is at an all-time high. This article will provide you with:

The Only Reason to Apply Early Decision

You are certain that Boston University is the best fit for you and is your top choice of schools.

We are looking for students who are certain they are prepared to be Terriers, who adore their appearance in red, and who are eager to embark on the most demanding and exciting four years possible. Why wait if you’re eager to compete in Boston, “America’s College Town,” and you’re committed to success after graduation?

Continue reading to learn how to submit an Early Decision application.

What is Early Decision?

Boston University offers the Early Decision and Early Decision 2 application options, which allow students to apply, receive an early admissions decision (see deadlines), and, if accepted, commit to attending BU by withdrawing their applications to all other schools.

What’s the difference between Early Decision and Early Decision 2?

You are encouraged to apply under Early Decision if you are confident BU is your top choice, perhaps have visited campus and felt immediately at home, or like the idea of having your college search finalized earlier in your senior year. If you are also confident that your first quarter grades are strong, applying Early Decision may be a smart choice for you. (If you are unable to make it to campus for a visit, we recommend taking BU’s virtual tour.)

If BU is also your top choice but you need more time to visit campus, prepare your application, or narrow down your list of colleges, Early Decision 2 is a great option.

Whether you apply Early Decision or Early Decision 2, BU carefully considers applications from both groups.

Early Decision Application Instructions

  • Early Decision applicants may apply through the Common Application.

Test Information:

  • For students applying Early Decision and Early Decision 2 for the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023, the SAT and ACT are not necessary.
  • You must take the ACT by the October test date or the SAT by the November test date if you decide to submit your test scores and are applying Early Decision.
  • Take the ACT or SAT no later than the December test date if you decide to submit your test scores and are applying Early Decision 2.
  • Students from abroad: You must take the TOEFL, IELTS, or DET exams by November 15 in order to be considered for Early Decision or by the end of December in order to be considered for Early Decision 2.

Early Decision Agreement:

  • You must indicate your interest in the Early Decision program on the BU member section of your Common Application when applying. This webpage’s explanation of the ED program’s legal obligations must be read and signed by the applicant, a parent or legal guardian, and a school counselor.

International Students:

  • Please review our instructions for international applicants in addition to applying as an Early Decision applicant.

Once You Receive an Admission Decision:

  • If accepted, you’ll need to withdraw your applications to all other colleges and universities and provide a nonrefundable enrollment deposit. Make sure to upload all application materials to the MyBU portal.
  • Your application might be postponed for consideration during the regular admissions cycle if you were an Early Decision applicant but were not admitted. In that case, only after submitting your mid-year grades will you be given consideration for admission. A final admissions decision will be communicated to you in late March.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Early Decision applicants who apply for financial aid and are admitted to BU will have 100% of their demonstrated need met If you are accepted, your admission decision will include a notification of your funding. Please be aware that need-based financial aid is only available to US citizens and permanent residents.
  • Early Decision scholarship candidates for one of our full-tuition awards, like the Trustee Scholarship, won’t hear from us until late March.
  • Find out more about applying for financial aid and merit-based scholarships, like the Presidential Scholarship, which awards recipients $25,000 every year.

*Please be aware that most merit-based scholarships must be applied for by December 1st.

Related to Early Decision at BU

We want to help you as you start your college search by providing a glimpse into life at Boston University through a variety of virtual events and programming. Get a personalized preview of campus life to start your BU journey, and speak with admissions staff and current students about why BU might be the right fit for you.

Tour BU’s Campus Online

With our interactive and comprehensive online campus tour, you can visualize yourself studying at Boston University. Visit campus facilities and hear from faculty and current BU students about the special opportunities available to students.

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Which school has the highest ED acceptance rate?

Best Colleges to Apply Early Decision 2021
  1. Grinnell College. Grinnell Early Decision Acceptance Rate: 65% Regular Acceptance Rate: 19% ED Advantage: 40%
  2. Bates College. …
  3. Denison University. …
  4. Washington and Lee University. …
  5. Haverford College. …
  6. Skidmore College. …
  7. Hamilton College. …
  8. Davidson College.

Is BU or BC harder to get into?

If you’re only considering acceptance rates, Boston College (BC) is more difficult to get into than any other school. However, each college seeks to enroll a diverse group of freshmen with a range of skills, backgrounds, etc.

Does BU reject early decision applicants?

Boston College received 4,428 Early Decision applications (ED I and II combined) for the 2021–22 admission cycle. 28% of ED applicants were admitted, filling 51% of the Class of 2026 During Regular Decision, the remaining 49% of the class was filled from an applicant pool of nearly 40,500 applications

Can I get into Boston University with a 3.5 GPA?

Although we don’t have a set minimum GPA requirement, we do suggest that applicants have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3. 0 or higher (based on a 4. 0 scale).

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