Binghamton Honors Program Acceptance Rate

To receive a bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University, State University of New York, you must complete at least 124–135 credits.

If they want to complete all the credits necessary for graduation in a shorter amount of time than usual, students can opt for the accelerated degree program. SUNY Binghamton accepts transfer credits. The school accepts AP credit and IB credits. SUNY Binghamton also offers a summer session, allowing students to earn credits throughout the summer.

NOTE: Around 84% of students who start college at SUNY Binghamton complete all the credits required within six years

Before the start of the fall semester, SUNY Binghamton offers an orientation program to get new students ready for college.

Reminder: New and transfer students may have access to additional academic options at SUNY Binghamton. Make sure to contact the university directly if you require any further details.

Invitations for fall 2023:

Please note that the Scholars Program is very small, and typically 110-120 of the 40,000 applicants to Binghamton University are enrolled in the program each year. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

First-year Research Immersion (FRI) Program

First-year students are given a real research experience in the sciences and engineering by FRI. Students work with professors known for their research on significant issues over the course of three semesters, developing skills that will help them succeed in the workplace and in future research opportunities. Biogeochemistry, community and global public health, and neuroscience are examples of prior streams.

Benefits of FRI include:

• Community (mentoring, relationship-building, and creating enduring ties with peers and faculty)

• Skills that can be applied in the workplace, such as collaboration, communication, project management, critical thinking, and science literacy.

• Personal impact (take responsibility for your research experience, develop self-awareness, resiliency, assurance, and independence, clarify self-direction, and inspire future success).

• Discovery (promote interdisciplinary research to address pressing global issues and share findings among experts to spur innovation)

Binghamton University Scholars Program

A talented group of students with a variety of experiences, interests, and shared goals for academic excellence makes up the community where scholars live and learn. The Scholars Learning Community is warm and close-knit; upperclassmen Scholars serve as peer mentors and support with the academic and social challenges of college life. It is situated in one of the newest residential communities. Additionally, scholars have the chance to exhibit their work locally and nationally, receive mentoring from high-ranking administrators and faculty, and have exclusive access to graduate assistantships and niche internships. Prior to the end of their first year at Binghamton, scholars may choose any major from any school. Professional mentors and career counselors offer networking opportunities as well as advice on choosing a major, internship opportunities, and pre-professional advice.

The Source Project is one of the few initiatives in the country that allows first-year students to conduct research in the humanities and social sciences. Students in schools work on issues like hunger, discrimination against women, public health campaigns, labor rights, and a sense of belonging.

One of the two honors programs at the School of Management is the PwC Scholars program. It provides students with unparalleled leadership and networking experience. Students enter the business world as renowned leaders and professionals after four years as a PwC Scholar.

EY Student Leaders program

One of two honors programs offered by the School of Management is this one. It offers chances for upcoming leaders with a focus on innovation and technology. The focus is on advanced analytical techniques such as data visualization, programming, modeling, machine learning, and statistical and data-driven decision making. The mindset of analysis, innovation, and global thinking and action will be developed in students.

Along with assisting with academics, career services, and networking, the School of Management’s (SOM) leadership development program also develops professional and leadership skills. Interacting with eminent faculty fellows, accomplished alumni, and business mentors, as well as meeting with visiting recruiters and attending one-on-one meetings with the SOM dean, are all part of this professional development journey.

Watson College Scholars Program

This initiative within the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science offers academic and professional opportunities to gifted students from historically and economically underrepresented communities, assisting them in becoming future leaders and innovators in the fields of engineering and computer science.

This course is for students who want to deal with difficult real-world issues. Students gain the skills to put their innovations into practice through experimentation, creativity, and problem-solving through academics, experiential learning, networking, and mentoring. Students have the chance to network and learn from successful alumni, executives from different businesses, start-ups, and agencies, as well as active entrepreneurs and innovators.

Summer Scholars and Artists Fellowships

Undergraduates can participate in special research, scholarship, or creative activities over the summer thanks to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program. This program provides financial support for the student’s original creative or research project, enabling participants to work on their projects under the supervision of faculty mentors and to formally present their work at Research Days.

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Is it hard to get into UB Honors College?

350 scholars are hoped to be accepted into the Honors College’s incoming class. Successful applicants typically represent the top 10% of incoming freshmen. The Honors College seeks to create a community with a variety of skills, passions, and backgrounds.

Is Honors College a big deal?

The advanced courses offered in college honors programs and the smaller class sizes make them ideal for more individualized instruction. Honors programs offer excellent extracurricular activities, research opportunities, and invaluable alumni networks, despite their greater emphasis on academics.

Is applying to Honors College worth it?

For students who are extremely motivated to take on some academic challenges as well as enjoy research, internship, travel, and extracurricular opportunities, college honors programs are worthwhile. But in order to continue in the program, there are criteria that must be met, just like during the admissions process.

What is the presidential scholarship at Binghamton?

A full-time freshman accepted into the Binghamton University Scholars Program will receive this scholarship based on academic achievement. The scholarship is extendable for a maximum of three more years if the student continues to fulfill the requirements and keep a 3.0 GPA. 0 GPA or above.

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