Annals Of Mathematics Acceptance Rate

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Journal Title Annals of Mathematics
Editor with Lowest Acceptance Rate
Publish Competitiveness High
Annual Accepted Manuscripts (2022 – 2023) 32
Total Accepted Manuscripts 4943

Annals of mathematics abbreviation – Ann Math

Journal Name Annals of mathematics
Abbreviation Ann Math
Journal Start Year 1884
Print ISSN 0003-486X
Online ISSN 1939-8980
Subject Statistics
Sub Subject Statistics
Country United States (US)
Publisher Princeton University Press
Journal Details Journal Website
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About Journal :

The Department of Mathematics at Princeton University collaborates with the Institute for Advanced Study to publish The Annals of Mathematics every two months. Ormond Stone of the University of Virginia founded the journal in 1884; it was moved to Harvard University in 1899; and to Princeton University in 1911. Since 1933, Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study have collaborated on editing the Annals.

Annals of mathematics FAQs

A Statistics and Statistics Journal called Annals of Mathematics is distributed by Princeton University Press. See also a list of statistics and statistics journals.

What is the abbreviation of Annals of mathematics?

Any method of shortening a word or phrase is considered an abbreviation. It might be made up of a string of letters or words extracted from the word’s or phrase’s full form.

The ISO4 Abbreviation of Annals of mathematics is Ann Math.

What is the ISSN Details?

An eight-digit serial number known as an “International Standard Serial Number” is used to distinguish one serial publication from another, such as a magazine. In order to distinguish between serials with the same title, the ISSN is especially useful.

Journal “Annals of mathematics” Print ISSN: 0003-486X, Electronic ISSN: 1939-8980

Annals of mathematics Print ISSN : 0003-486X
Annals of mathematics eISSN : 1939-8980

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Annals of Mathematics


How good is Annals of Mathematics?

The Science Citation Index, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical Abstracts and Indexing of the Journal The journal’s 2020 impact factor is 5, per Journal Citation Reports. Out of 330 journals in the category “Mathematics,” it received 246, placing it third.

How to publish in Annals of Mathematics?

Send your submissions to the Annals editorial office at annals@math in PDF format if possible. princeton. edu or through the Mathematics e-print arXiv . Please send us an email with the arXiv number of any papers you submit through that platform.

What is Annals of Mathematics?

In 1884, the prestigious journal Annals of Mathematics, which publishes papers on pure mathematics, was established. Through the collaboration of Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, Annals of Mathematics is published every two months. One of the most important mathematics journals in the world, it is highly regarded.

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