Transferring to American University

Students at American University come from 123 different countries and all 50 states. Many of our students come to us from other schools, and they offer our community of changemakers a distinctive perspective. Look no further if you’re looking for a school that will intellectually challenge you and give you access to one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

We know that many families have been financially impacted by recent events, whether from COVID-19, the economic downturn, or natural disasters. To that end, AU is providing families in need with waivers of the application fee. For information on how to apply to AU without paying the $75 application fee, go to our application fee waiver page.

Undergraduates who wish to re-enroll after being away from AU for more than one semester (excluding summer sessions) must submit a readmission request.

A maximum of 30 credits from one or more chosen tests may be accepted by AU.

Students must submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile in order to be considered for need-based financial aid.


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Is American University Easy to Get Into?

No, applying to American University is difficult because it has a high standard of admission. American University’s acceptance rate is low. Students who want to be accepted must keep up their grades and enroll in challenging courses.

What Is American University’s Acceptance Rate?

American University acceptance rate is 39 percent, according to the US Department of Education. This data is acquired from College Scorecard. These stats show that American University is a highly competitive school with more selective admissions than many other schools. That means that your chances of admission will be lower than some other universities.

What Is American University’s Transfer Acceptance Rate?

American University transfer acceptance rate is 61.76 percent, according to In the fall of 2021, American University had 219 transfer students. Students seeking transfer admission must be in excellent academic and disciplinary standing at all previously attended institutions. Competitive transfer students have at least a 2.5 to 4.0 GPA.

What Is American University’s Early Decision Acceptance Rate

According to the university, the acceptance rate for early decision applicants to American University is roughly 70%. This round’s admissions rate is significantly higher than the overall acceptance rate, but only because there are much fewer applications to consider. Additionally, bear in mind that this figure is approximate.

American University Admissions: An Overview

  • Number of Applicants at American University per year: 19,650
  • American University Acceptance Rate: 39%

American University has an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 7,953 students. The American University website states that applicants should have a GPA of at least 3.0. The middle 50 percent of students for the fall of 2022 have GPAs between 3.7 and 4.2. Students also need strong resumes, letters of recommendation, and a writing sample.

Who Gets Into American University?

According to Data USA, White females make up 31.3 percent of the undergraduate student body at American University. This group is followed by White males at 19.5 percent and Hispanic or Latino females at 8.01 percent. Similarly, White females make up 29.1 percent of the graduate student body, followed by White males at 18.5 percent, and Black or African American females at 7 percent.

American University Enrollment by Ethnicity

  • White – 48.3%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 10.9%
  • Black or African American – 10.1%
  • Asian – 5.93%
  • Two or More Races – 4.63%
  • 0.136% – American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 0.0929% – Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders

American University Acceptance Rate by Major

The Kogod School of Business, the School of Communication, and the School of Pharmacy all offer some of the most well-liked majors at American Universities. Sadly, American University doesn’t provide data on department- or program-specific acceptance rates. We can assume that more technical programs will have a lower acceptance rate than other liberal arts programs even though we don’t have specific admission statistics by program.

American University Application Deadline: When Is American University’s Application Due?

January 15 is the regular application deadline for American University. Two early decision deadlines are present, the first of which is on November 15 and the second of which is also on January 15, the same day as the regular decision deadline. The deadline for spring enrollment is October 1, and September 1 is the suggested deadline for international students.

American University Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision I Deadline: November 15
  • Early Decision II Deadline: January 15
  • Regular Decision: January 15
  • Application Fee: $75, nonrefundable
  • Common App: Yes

What Are the Major Reasons to Go to American University?

The academic programs offered online, diversity, and impact are some of the main benefits of attending American University. The student body at American University is diverse, and the school provides excellent instruction through adaptable online programs. These are a few of the reasons why many students consider American University to be one of their dream institutions.

American University online programs offer a lot of flexibility. Students can concentrate on their personal and professional lives while also finishing their degrees. There are numerous online degree options available from American University, including programs in social science, finance, and medicine.

American University has many different kinds of people. It enrolls diverse people across genders, ethnicities, and ideologies. It’s a safe place where people can study and grow. As a result, the university offers a vibrant campus community with a burgeoning Greek community. In addition, there are many student organizations on campus.

Professors at American Universities have more than just academic qualifications; they also have real-world experience. This helps students learn relevant skills for future employment. The university also focuses on maximizing internship opportunities for students.

Tips for Applying to American University

The Office of Admissions at American University takes a comprehensive approach to admissions. This means that AU will consider other important factors in addition to your academic performance and results on standardized tests.

This institution also takes into account your letters of recommendation, application essay, and demonstrated interest. See below for additional application advice to increase your chances of admission.

Test results from American University accepted students are on the higher end. The median SAT score range for accepted students is between 1310 and 1460. Additionally, the middle 50% of students have ACT scores that range from 29 to 33. However, the university has a test-optional standardized testing policy, so test results are not necessary.

Your Interest in American University

As we mentioned, AU has a holistic admission process. They do look for students with high GPAs, SAT scores, and ACT scores, but they also want to gauge how interested a candidate is. This indicates that AU is interested in learning about your expressed interest. To this end, the admissions staff at American University actually keeps track of how frequently you communicate with admissions officers.

Invest Time in Your Essay

The supplemental essay is yet another critical component of the comprehensive admissions process. The essay helps the admissions team get to know you. Additionally, it’s an additional chance to demonstrate your interest in American University.

American University Admissions Requirements: First-Year Applicant Checklist

American Transfer Acceptance Rate

Applying to college for the first time can seem overwhelming. You can start the American University admissions process off right by following the instructions on this list of prerequisites.

Typically, applicants must submit high school transcripts, a common application form, and an essay. For international students, no SAT or ACT score is required. The key elements of the American University undergraduate admissions process are listed below.

  • Common Application
  • Essay
  • $75 application fee
  • High school transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

American University SAT Requirements

The SAT scores needed to be accepted to American University are listed below. A 25th percentile score indicates that 25% of students received that score or less, whereas a 75th percentile score indicates that 25% of students received that score or more. You will have a better chance of being admitted if your score falls within this range.

  • Students Submitting SAT Scores: 28%
  • Evidence-based reading and writing scores on the SAT: 660 (25th percentile); 730 (75th percentile).
  • SAT Math: 620 (25th percentile); 710 (75th percentile)

American University ACT Requirements

The ACT scores needed to be accepted into American University are listed below. A 25th percentile score indicates that 25% of students received that score or less, whereas a 75th percentile score indicates that 25% of students received that score or more. The middle 50% of accepted students at American University have ACT scores between 29 and 33.

  • Students Submitting ACT Scores: 18%
  • ACT Composite: 29 (25th percentile); 33 (75th percentile)
  • ACT English: 29 (25th percentile); 35 (75th percentile)
  • ACT Math: 26 (25th percentile); 31 (75th percentile)

Acing Your American University Application: What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the SAT?

Completing an SAT practice test is among the best ways to gain knowledge about the SAT. Usually, it’s a good idea to complete an SAT exercise multiple times. You can prepare for the SAT by practicing with the same timing guidelines.

Study with Official SAT Practice at Khan Academy

An additional effective strategy for SAT preparation is to enroll in an online course. An adaptable and successful online SAT practice course is offered by Khan Academy. This is a totally free practice SAT course that is helpful.

Applying Test-Optional to AU

If you don’t have any standardized test results, you can still apply to American University. The admissions staff at American University is dedicated to increasing access to higher education. They have been a test-optional university for almost ten years with that objective in mind. However, submitting your strong standardized test results will likely increase your chances of being accepted.

American University GPA Requirements: What GPA Do I Need to Get In?

You must have at least a 3 in order to enroll in American University. 0 GPA. This is the minimum GPA requirement for all prospective students. Students with a GPA above 3 can apply for AU’s combined bachelor’s and master’s programs. Those five students who have been admitted to the school already are automatically accepted. If AU has accepted you with a GPA under 3. 5, but you’re still welcome to apply if you’re interested in a combined bachelor’s and master’s program.

American Transfer Acceptance Rate

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Students admitted to AU in the fall of 2022 who made up the middle 50% had GPAs in the 3’s. 7 to 4. 2 range. This shows that American University is a quite competitive school. Also keep in mind that a university official must deliver and receive official transcripts; a transcript that a student uploads is regarded as unofficial.

American University Tuition: How Much Does it Cost to Attend American University?

The cost of tuition and fees at American University is $53,334 per year. Undergraduate students have three options. These are learning part-time with less than 12 credit hours, full-time with 12 to 17.5 credit hours, and full-time with 18 credit hours.

Graduate tuition is $1,866 per credit hour. The cost of tuition for non-degree students taking courses at the 100-400 level is $1,768 per credit hour. Non-degree seekers pay $1,866 per credit hour in tuition for courses with a course level of 500 or higher.

Common Majors at American University

The most common majors at American University are international relations and affairs, general business administration and management, and general political science and government. According to Data USA, in 2020 the international relations degree program awarded 434 degrees. This made it the most awarded degree concentration at the American University in 2020.

International Relations and Affairs

Students must finish 120 credits of coursework for this Bachelor of Arts in International Studies program offered by the American University School of International Service, and they must keep a cumulative GPA of at least 2. 0. To be admitted to this program, prospective students must have at least a B in their high school grades. Democracy, diplomacy, and the politics of international humanitarian law are among the subjects covered.

Best Jobs for International Relations and Affairs Graduates

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Policy Officer
  • Political Risk Analyst

General Business Administration and Management

The Kogod School of Business offers this Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. It is a bachelor’s degree that calls for a minimum of 50 credit hours. A closer look reveals that these requirements call for 34 credit hours of business core coursework and 12 to 15 credit hours of specialization. Students will study accounting, marketing, and management while gaining practical business knowledge.

Best Jobs for General Business Administration & Management Graduates

Excellent Bachelor of Arts in Political Science programs are offered by American University. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2 and completion of at least 120 credits are prerequisites for this program. 0. At least 18 credits must be earned at the 300-level or higher.

Best Jobs for General Political Science and Government Graduates

  • Political Scientist
  • Government official
  • Political Consultant

American University Attendance Outcomes

According to data from American University, AU has a 91 percent undergraduate first-year retention rate, and 79 percent of students graduate within six years. In the following tables, you can find the most common and highest-paid jobs that AU students get after they graduate. The table info is based on graduates who hold a degree in one of the five most specialized majors according to Data USA.

Most Common Jobs for People Who Attended American University

Position Median Salary Job Outlook
Lawyers $127,990 9%
Judges $128,710 3%
Chief Executives $98,980 8%
Elementary School Teachers $61,350 7%
Middle School Teachers $61,320 7%

American University Alumni Highest-Paying Jobs

Position Median Salary Job Outlook
Dentists $163,220 8%
Chief Executives $98,980 8%
Nuclear Medicine Technologists $78,760 8%
Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians $75,380 8%
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents $62,910 4%

Should I Apply to American University?

Yes, you should apply to American University. AU has excellent online programs, a diverse student population, and strong degree programs across the board. AU also has high graduation and retention rates. In fact, it is ranked 79th overall by US News & World report. While AU is competitive, the admissions team’s focus on evaluating the whole student gives students with different strengths the opportunity to attend the school.

AU also has many great colleges that offer great programs. The College of Pharmacy, the Kogod School of Business, and the School of Communication are all renowned and esteemed institutions in their fields. The American University Washington College of Law is renowned for its specialty programs if you’re interested in a career in law. American University’s School of International Service is also very popular.

American University Acceptance Rate FAQ

Yes, American University is a good school. According to US News & World Report, American University is ranked #79 in the national rankings. Overall, AU is a prestigious and well-respected institution.

No, American University is not easy. It has a low acceptance rate, which makes it challenging to get into, as we’ve already discussed. Degree programs at AU are academically rigorous and career-focused. Successful applications will need to demonstrate academic excellence.

Because it offers diversity, 70 majors, and international studies, American University is exceptional. American University enrolls students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. It is known as a good school for international students. It’s in Washington, DC, and has a fantastic campus.

No, American University is not an Ivy League institution. American University, on the other hand, is a reputable major research institution that provides excellent services. Ivy League schools have much lower acceptance rates.

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American Transfer Acceptance Rate

American Transfer Acceptance Rate

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American Transfer Acceptance Rate

3 Biggest MISTAKES of Transfer Applications!


What GPA do you need to transfer to American?

Students who want to be considered for transfer admission must have a good academic and disciplinary record at all prior institutions. Competitive transfer applicants have a GPA of at least 2. 5/4. 0 at their current institution.

Do transfer students have higher acceptance rates?

Schools With Favorable Transfer Admission Rates
Rank School Transfer Accept %
1 Emory 33.7
2 Vanderbilt 17.6
3 UNC 46.9
4 Georgia Tech 40.7

What university has the highest transfer acceptance rate?

Transfer Admission RatesUniversity of Wyoming %E2%80%93 97%Washington

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