Amazon acceptance rate is only WHAT %!? WTH?!

What are my chances of candidates moving past this onsite during my most recent interview with Amazon for AWS SDE1? I asked my interviewer this question. Based on what I had heard from blind that it was simple to get into Amazon, I had anticipated a high number. However, he informed me that he has been conducting interviews for years, and with each new batch of applications (after resume screenings, technical screenings, onsite screenings, etc.) ). The number of those that get an offer on average hovers a bit below 2% In retrospect, that was a terrible question to ask: 2?? WHATT But in light of that, I am extremely disheartened and do not believe I will succeed: (YOE: 1 TC: 90K)

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Among the FAANG companies, Amazon has one of the most difficult interview processes for software engineers. Problem-solving, analytical programming (object-oriented concepts), low-level design, and high-level design knowledge are primarily assessed during the Amazon SDE 2 interview process. With a less than 2% acceptance rate, even experienced programmers find it challenging to navigate the interview process The key to acing the interview is being fully prepared and practicing a good number of Amazon SDE 2 interview questions.

This list of Amazon SDE 2 interview questions that we have compiled will assist you in understanding the types of questions asked so that you can appropriately plan your preparation if you are a software development engineer preparing for Amazon’s SDE 2 interview. We’ll go over the coding, high-level design, low-level design, and leadership principles questions from the Amazon SDE 2 interview.

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To assist you in preparing for your interview, let’s look at some typical Amazon SDE 2 interview questions. The interview procedure will be briefly discussed, and then questions on coding, system design, and Amazon’s leadership principles will be asked.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Amazon SDE 2 Interview Process
  • Amazon SDE 2 Interview Questions
  • FAQs on Amazon SDE 2 Interview Questions

The Amazon SDE 2 interview Process

The Amazon SDE 2 interview process gauges how well you code, solve problems, and design systems. The process typically consists of four main rounds.

The process begins with the Online Assessment, or OA. Human resources recruiters will typically get in touch with you prior to the OA to learn more about your interest in the position, your expectations, and your previous professional experience.

The Online Assessment is a one-hour remote coding interview. 5 hours. In this round, the hiring manager will ask you to address a few coding issues involving fundamental data structures and algorithms. The interview typically takes place via Amazon Chime.

The hiring manager will view your code in real-time and question you about your strategy in this round. Additionally, your capacity for handling all edge and test cases is assessed.

Expect to be asked a question about Amazon’s fundamental leadership tenets as well.

Some tips to crack the Online Assessment –

  • Review the foundational ideas of the programming language of your choice.
  • Get used to solving basic DSA puzzles by using power patterns to find solutions, and
  • Think out your solution aloud
  • Familiarize yourself with Amazons leadership principles

The Technical Phone Screen

Answering questions about systems design and coding from the Amazon SDE 2 interview are typically part of the Technical Phone Screen round. You can expect one question from each category. Design questions are low-level, while coding issues are typically challenging Leetcode issues. To pass this round and receive an invitation for the on-site interview, it is essential to brush up on fundamental design principles and DSA concepts.

It’s crucial to remember that the Technical Screen doesn’t always appear. If you’ve already answered LLD (low-level design) questions and coding challenges in the online assessment and your performance is satisfactory, you won’t need to show up for the technical screen and will instead be invited directly to the on-site interviews.

The final stage of the Amazon SDE 2 interview process is the on-site. It is also referred to as the Loop and typically consists of three to four rounds where the Amazon SDE 2 interview questions assess your coding, design, and understanding of Amazon’s leadership principles.

  • The on-site interview may include one or two rounds of coding questions. These 30-45 minute rounds test your coding and problem-solving skills. You might be asked to code on a whiteboard depending on your role.
  • Low-Level Design and High-Level Design are typically the two types of systems design rounds that Amazon SDE 2 engineers participate in. These interviews examine your capacity to create arbitrary low-latency systems. It’s essential to brush up on systems design principles before these rounds of Amazon SDE 2 interview questions.
  • The behavioral and bar-raiser rounds require you to respond to questions about your behavior related to Amazon’s 16 leadership principles. Recruiters who have been specially trained to keep the hiring bar high at Amazon conduct the bar-raising round. Many questions about difficult projects you’ve worked on in the past, your expectations for the position, and why you want to work for Amazon can also be expected.

Check out the questions from the Amazon Software Development Engineer (SDE) Interview Process and some preparation advice.

Amazon SDE 2 Interview Questions

Amazon SDE 2 interview questions typically evaluate three main areas:

  • Coding and problem solving
  • Design and scalable systems
  • Behavioral and leadership skills

Note that on Leetcode, the coding questions for the SDE 2 position at Amazon are typically in the medium to hard difficulty range. As candidates move through the low-level and high-level design rounds, there is a greater emphasis placed on systems design concepts during SDE 2 interviews.

In each of these categories, this section will examine Amazon SDE 2 interview questions.

Amazon SDE 2 interview Questions on Coding

Coding is an important component of the process. In both the online assessment and in-person interviews, you will be asked questions about coding for the Amazon SDE 2 position.

You should be well-versed in the following ideas in order to be able to respond to coding-related interview questions from Amazon SDE 2.

The questions in this round on Leetcode are typically of a medium-to-hard difficulty level.

In order to give you an idea of the types of questions to expect at your interview, let’s look at some sample Amazon SDE 2 interview questions on coding.

  • Writing a program to implement a Least Recently Used (LRU) cache and carry out a specified series of SET(key, value) and GET(key) operations is the solution to the LRU cache problem. (Click here for the solution).
  • Write a program to return the number of words in the shortest transformation sequence from one word to another, or 0 if such a sequence is not possible, given two words that are beginWord and endWord and a dictionary word List. (Click here for solution).
  • Find all magic triplets in the integer array arr of size n given in the 3-Sum Problem. A trio of numbers known as a “magic triplet” have a sum of zero. (Click here for solution).
  • The amount of gas at the nth station is gas[n], and there are “x” number of gas stations along a circular route. The cost of gas to travel from station n to station (n 1) is cost[n], and your car’s gas tank can hold an infinite amount of gas. You fill up your tank at one of the gas stations to begin your journey. If you can complete the circuit once clockwise using the two integer arrays gas[] and cost[], return the starting gas stations index; otherwise, return -1.
  • Determine the size of the largest island in a given matrix, M[], where M stands for the land and M for the sea.

Check out the comprehensive list of Amazon Interview Questions here.

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Amazon SDE 2 interview Questions on Systems Design

Systems design interview questions for the Amazon SDE 2 are typically asked during on-site interviews. Candidates for SDE 2 undergo a high-level design phase during which hiring managers assess their capacity to construct arbitrary, scalable systems with low latency.

At Amazon SDE 2 interviews, systems design (low-level and high-level design) is a significant area of evaluation. You should review the following ideas to get ready for the interview:

  • Concurrency
  • API modeling
  • SQL and databases
  • Network systems
  • Sharding techniques
  • Caching and loading
  • Case studies

Here are some examples of system design and distributed systems interview questions for the Amazon SDE 2 program.

  • How would you create a chatbot that allows customers to communicate with Amazon customer service agents?
  • What metrics will you employ to track the effectiveness of the Amazon Prime Video app?
  • What crucial factors should you take into account to lessen system latency in the cloud?
  • When designing and integrating payment interfaces into the Amazon website and applications, what security factors will you take into account?
  • [Low-Level Design Question] How would you design an application for the snake and ladder game?
  • [Low-Level Design Question] How will you create a parking lot that records data on vehicles already present, new vehicles arriving, hourly rates, and available space in the lot?
  • What steps will you take to create an API rate limiter? [LLD problem]

Amazon Leadership and Behavioral Interview Questions

During the online assessment stage and on-site interviews, Amazon leadership principles are covered in the interview questions. At each stage of the interview, you should prepare for one or two questions. These rounds’ questions are based on Amazon’s 16 leadership tenets. Let’s examine the kinds of Amazon SDE 2 interview questions that were asked to help you understand.

  • Describe a time when you clashed with a superior over a project.
  • Describe a time when a coworker didn’t cooperate with you at work.
  • Tell us about a time when you needed to learn new skills in order to adjust to a new environment.
  • Describe a time when your work-life balance was impacted by a demanding project.
  • Describe a time when you had to coordinate with various teams to finish a project.

To fully understand what to anticipate at these interviews, visit our pages on Amazon Leadership Principles Interview Questions and How to Crack the Amazon Behavioral Interview.

To get a head start on your preparation and get ready for your upcoming interview, practice the above Amazon SDE 2 interview questions.

FAQs on Amazon SDE 2 interview Questions

Q1. How many steps are there in the interview process for the Amazon SDE 2 position?

The Amazon SDE 2 interview process is divided into three main phases. There is the Online Assessment, a Technical Phone Screen, an On-Site Interview, and a Final Interview.

Q2. What kinds of questions are asked during the Amazon SDE 2 interviews?

The majority of the questions in the Amazon SDE 2 interview center on coding and problem-solving, distributed and scalable systems, and Amazon’s leadership tenets.

Q3. What is the average salary offered to Amazon SDE II?.

Amazon offers software development engineers an annual salary of $129,000 on average.

Q4. What key coding ideas should you know for the Amazon SDE 2 interview?

Strings, linked lists, arrays, trees, graphs, greedy algorithms, hash tables, recursion, and dynamic programming are the key coding concepts to master in order to prepare for Amazon SDE 2 interview questions.

Q5. For the Amazon SDE 2 interview, should you be proficient in more than one programming language?

For the Amazon SDE 2 interview, having a firm grasp of any object-oriented programming language, such as Python or Java, is sufficient.

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Amazon Sde Acceptance Rate

Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews

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Amazon Sde Acceptance Rate

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What is Amazon’s acceptance rate?

Fewer than 2% of applicants get hired at Amazon. Know what you want to do, which program you want to join, the 14 leadership principles of Amazon, and understand what Amazon is looking for in a candidate as soon as possible. So, how do you land a job or internship at Amazon?

How selective is Amazon SDE?

Amazon’s SDE internship is a prestigious and highly coveted program %E2%80%93 with less than 1% of applicants getting the offer

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