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Determining whether the DoorDash acceptance rate matters is one of the more perplexing questions some Dashers have about the service.

DoorDash keeps track of several metrics for each Dasher. These comprise your client testimonials, acceptance rate, completion rate, on-time and early delivery rate, and completion rate. Without a doubt, customer reviews are important (DoorDash specifically states that if your review score drops too low, you risk deactivation). Completion rate also matters. Additionally, according to DoorDash, you risk deactivation if your completion rate falls too low.

Acceptance rate is another matter, however. The fact is, your acceptance rate DOES NOT matter. You don’t run the risk of being deactivated if your acceptance rate is as low as you like. Only if you want to achieve Top Dasher status, which I don’t think is worthwhile, would it matter.

This article will discuss the DoorDash acceptance rate and why it is irrelevant.

What is Your DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

Based on how many deliveries you’ve accepted out of the last 100, your DoorDash acceptance rate is calculated.

Your acceptance rate will increase if you accept more deliveries that are successful.

Given that it’s a rolling average, your average acceptance rate will fluctuate.

The oldest delivery opportunity disappears after the most recent record.

If you turned down a number of orders early on, you must increase your acceptance rate to erase those lower ratings.

Since the older ones will drop off first, it might take some time before you notice an increase in acceptance rates.

Be patient; the acceptance rate will increase the more deliveries you accept because it is out of 100.

If your acceptance rate was below average last month, you can work to improve it this month.

What is a Good DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

There is no minimum acceptance rate required to continue driving for DoorDash, they claim.

DoorDash may remove customer ratings from a driver’s profile that fall below five stars in certain situations.

When deciding whether a review remains on your customer rating, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • if there is a longer than 10-minute wait at the restaurant
  • complaints about items that are incorrect or missing, as restaurants are responsible for adding these before sealing the bag.
  • If the delivery is delayed by more than 15 minutes due to dashers who remove themselves from the delivery, do not accept the order.
  • When the delivery is late due to extreme weather
  • When a batch order of three or more is to blame for the delivery being late
  • System-wide outages
  • Challenging delivery situations

There is no need to check on your account because the lower ratings will be removed from it.

Your DoorDash ratings are based on what the company considers to be fair feedback. A user of food delivery apps desires a positive dining experience.

What is Considered a Bad DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

No minimum acceptance rate is necessary to become a DoorDash delivery person.

Regularly declining deliveries will put your fellow dashers in a difficult situation.

The delivery you skipped will not take as long for the driver taking your order to complete.

The possibility that the food may be cold or melted is worse than other dasher’s having to rush delivery or take it to the customer late.

If drivers consistently receive low ratings, are frequently late, or frequently cancel orders, they risk being deactivated from DoorDash.

What can cause the deactivation of an account is if the driver%E2%80%99s completion rate drops below 80% or 4 2.

Accept orders that you are sure you can fulfill.

By completing orders, you can prevent your completion rate from falling too low.

Does DoorDash Acceptance Rate Matter for Drivers?

Like any job, DoorDash requires good service and a high accepted order rate in order to reap the rewards in full.

It’s possible that DoorDash’s priorities and drivers’ priorities are two entirely different things.

The percentage of deliveries a driver has accepted out of the most recent opportunities to deliver food is known as the acceptance rate.

If your acceptance rate is low, you can increase it by taking the deliveries that are being offered to you.

Your ability to become a DoorDash Top Dasher will be impacted by the acceptance rate policy, but the number of deliveries you are offered will not change.

Visit the DoorDash platform to see your rating at the moment and learn how to improve it.

The top dashers keep a high acceptance rate and have impressive statistics.

To serve more DoorDash customers, Top Dashers will have access to peak pay with special delivery zones.

This may result in greater tipping bonuses, which will aid in covering their expenses.

According to the Drivers

The acceptance rate is viewed differently by some drivers.

Some dashers will claim that it has no bearing on their performance.

DoorDash won’t let a driver leave if they don’t finish a certain number of orders.

The driver has the option to accept as many orders as they’d like or decline them.

Some drivers draw attention to DoorDash’s statement that a low acceptance rate will raise suspicions of fraud.

The driver’s account might be deactivated as a result of this suspicion.

Are Drivers Penalized for Having a Low DoorDash Acceptance Rate?

Despite losing out on additional income, drivers who have a low DoorDash acceptance rate are not penalized.

If a driver has a low acceptance rate, they won’t receive as many requests.

The only way to put your account in danger of being deactivated is if you don’t complete the orders you accept.

How Acceptance Rate Impacts Top Dasher Status

The Top Dasher Program is one of DoorDash’s incentives for drivers.

You should monitor your acceptance rate if you want to progress to being a top dasher.

The lowest acceptance rate for DoorDash is 70% if you want to become a top dasher

Accepting 70% of your delivery requests or more will help you become eligible for the Top Dasher program

  • Customer rating of 4.7 stars minimum
  • Completing 200 deliveries since the beginning of your DoorDash career
  • Finishing 100 jobs minimum during the month prior
  • The completion rate must be a minimum of 95%

What do you do as a top dasher?

You can make deliveries in all zones and have access to the “Dash Now” feature.

You won’t need to schedule yourself if you have access to this feature because you can make deliveries when you’re not busy.

Top Dashers have priority access to orders with higher values.

A higher value means higher tips. The Top Dasher will select the orders first if deliveries are few and far between, resulting in more deliveries per hour.

The number of orders and the priority orders are alluring.

But it means that you need to maintain an acceptance rate of at least 70%

Tips for Increasing DoorDash Acceptance Rate

You can increase your DoorDash acceptance rate in a number of ways, all of which are much simpler than you might imagine.

Take on More Orders

If you do not accept more orders, your rating will not increase.

You must accept more orders to roll out the previous ones because the rating is based on a rolling average, with the oldest rating disappearing first.

Once you have surpassed the first 100 ratings, you can remove any ratings of three stars or less.

Over time your acceptance rate will rise.

Communicate With the Customer

No one likes to be in the dark.

A good dasher will inform the customer if an order is running behind schedule

Traffic, accidents or a busy restaurant is not your fault.

Customers will appreciate you if you let them know that their food will arrive quickly.

If the courier updates the customer on the status of their order, the customer is more likely to rate highly.

After drop-off, even a simple “thank you” can make a difference.

There are few things worse than being famished and unsure of when your order will arrive, particularly if the initial delivery window has passed.

You’ll accept more orders if you reassure yourself that mistakes happen from time to time as long as you communicate effectively.

Have Reliable Wi-Fi or Access to Wi-Fi

If you don’t have a data plan, you should make sure to park close to a dependable Wi-Fi location.

Parking close to a mall or coffee shop will allow you to get orders.

Keep Your Phone Charged

The device a DoorDash delivery driver uses to accept orders is their lifeline.

Make sure your phone is charged so you don’t miss the chance to make a delivery.

In the event that things get delayed, having a charged phone will also enable you to contact the client or restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to assist you in maintaining a favorable rating system and meeting top dasher requirements:

Is it bad to not accept DoorDash orders?

You will lose out on extra money if you don’t accept DoorDash orders.

Because it fits into their schedule, many drivers rely solely on being DoorDash drivers to make a living.

Accepting orders more frequently will increase your driver pay if you want to earn more money.

How do you increase your acceptance rate on DoorDash?

By accepting more orders, you can increase your DoorDash acceptance rate.

You will eliminate orders you declined more quickly as you take on more orders.

To access orders more quickly, make sure to download the DoorDash driver app.

The Bottom Line

Your chances of receiving deliveries may not be impacted by a high DoorDash Acceptance Rating.

But it is crucial to keep the number 70% if you want to be a Top Dasher and reap the rewards of having exclusive dibs on higher-cost orders

You need to complete the orders you accept, be on time, and have a smile that goes a long way to be a successful driver and earn a good living.

If you put forth the effort and use all of your best customer service techniques to earn a high customer service rating, there are opportunities and money to be made as a DoorDash driver.

0 Acceptance Rate Doordash

Written by Brett Helling

Brett Helling is the owner of Ridester. com. Since the beginning of 2012, he has been a rideshare driver, completing hundreds of trips for companies like Uber, Lyft, and Postmates. In 2014 he acquired Ridester. com to share his experiences with other drivers. His opinions are frequently referenced in publications like Forbes, Vice, CNBC, and others. In order to broaden his skill set beyond the rideshare industry, he is currently writing a book about working in the gig economy. Read more about Brett here.

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What happens if you have a 0% acceptance rate on DoorDash?

Despite losing out on additional income, drivers who have a low DoorDash acceptance rate are not penalized. If a driver has a low acceptance rate, they won’t receive as many requests. The only way to put your account in danger of being deactivated is if you don’t complete the orders you accept.

Will DoorDash deactivate you if your acceptance rate is low?

For a business to continue operating on the DoorDash platform, certain minimum Consumer Ratings and Completion Rates must be met. Dashers with a Consumer Rating below 4. 2 or a Completion Rate below 80% may be subject to deactivation once they have accepted at least 20 orders

What’s the lowest acceptance rate you can have on DoorDash?

You also have to maintain an acceptance rate of 70% or higher The fact that Top Dasher status has an acceptance rate requirement is the reason why I don’t think it’s worthwhile to obtain it. If you’re accepting 70% of orders, you’re likely accepting orders that are not worth doing or are not profitable for you

How do I fix my acceptance rate on DoorDash?

Tap the link in your email (you must be the recipient of the email) or the link in your app to reset your acceptance rate, then fill out the reset form by the specified deadline. When your acceptance rate reset has been completed, you will be notified.

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